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Writer Spotlight With Author, La’Quita Monley

Writer Spotlight With Author, La’Quita Monley

In 2022, La’Quita Monley rebranded LaQuita’s Toolbox and changed the name to La’Quita Monley’s Solutions while still offering the same speaking and coaching services and continuing La’Quita’s Toolbox Podcast. She also published her first book, Redefining Success: 8...

Visionary Artist Spotlight: Tha Real

Visionary Artist Spotlight: Tha Real

It gets no realer than Tha Real! J. Steven Williams aka Tha Real is an artist from Brooklyn, New York. He is an accomplished actor, poet, host, curator, and author. As an actor, he has worked on many short film projects both that he produced or just landed a...

Women With Purpose: Shronda Armstrong

Women With Purpose: Shronda Armstrong

Shronda Armstrong In Her Own Words… In 2019, I hit a significant plateau in my life. I wasn’t living in my purpose. I was frustrated with my job and constantly being overlooked and mistreated as the only minority in my department. I was making just enough money to...

Author Spotlight: Rechard A. Larkin

Author Spotlight: Rechard A. Larkin

For nearly twenty years, Pastor, Educator, Author, Coach, and Executive Rechard Larkin has shared in preaching the word of God to God’s people; a vocation that he boldly accepts. As a pastor, he is the lead servant at the Mitchell Zion Baptist Church located in...

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Filmmaker Spotlight:

Multi-Award-winning founder and CEO of Diop Productions Carona Davis-Diop found her calling in 2015 when she and her family moved from Georgia to New Jersey. Originally a native of New York City’s Greenwich Village (Westbeth), Carona grew up in the Mecca of the arts and entertainment industry. Freedom of expression was the word of the day and walking amongst actors, singers, and dancers every day for most of her life was the norm. Being a part of a great experience such as this lit a spark within Carona pushing her to delve more into her writing. This allowed her to complete her first novel The Opening, which soon after became a film production followed by her short films Unhinged and Masters of Ascension.

Along with several film projects coming to light, Carona Davis-Diop never shies away from hard work. Her personal philosophy “Don’t work for an Empire. Build one.” is what she strives to accomplish by showing others how to use their talents/skills to succeed through personal experience. Carona is currently working on a comedy pilot, a digital magazine by the name of Split/Screen, 2 children’s books one of which she is writing with her son Firoz Davis as well as 2 film projects produced by her 13-year old multi-award winning daughter, actress Amaya Davis- Diop.

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Neha Sonney

LIVE from Hong Kong & Delhi 📺🎙️ Are you Hungry for Spiritual Growth? 😇 Do you want to charge your inner search engine to find your soulmate & evolve your relationships? ✨ Dive deep into it with “Neha Sonney” 😍 Writer, Poet, Bestselling Author, Self-Love Advocate & Relationship Coach ♥️

“Never give up. Never give up on yourself. Never give up on love. You are worth it.” – Neha Sonney 📝

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