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E-Sports CyberWarrior Challenge

Sep 28, 2022 | News | 0 comments


Who doesn’t like playing online games, especially if it will help you build a solid career path.

The Journey of a Cyber warrior program is next generation cyber educational gaming experience and first of it’s kind aimed at educating users on the various career paths in the cyber security industry created by Former D1 Student-Athlete, Award winning Serial Entrepreneur, Cyber-Security Advocate and Cyber security expert  and CEO of SparkC, LLC a cyber-security management and mission consulting firm, Justin Drummond.

Justin developed this program intended for ages 10+. The mission modules consist of offensive and defensive cyber missions simulations, thought-provoking interactivity and on-the-job style simulations to ignite the cyber warrior inside each user. The Program mission modules are a total of 20-30 minutes and available online with a total of 6 modules for 2 hour and 30 minutes.

On October 1st 2022 join in on their Virtual E-Sports CyberWarrior Challenge.

Compete with Cyberwarriors across the USA 🇺🇸 and Globally in the Best Cybersecurity Educational Gaming Experience on the Market!  Calling all CyberWarriors ages 11-14 and 15-17 to put your critical thinking skills to the test!

1st Place wins a Cash Prize

2nd Place wins FREE MERCH

Requirements to Compete

-Must have a Laptop & Wi-Fi to compete

For registration visit www.cyberwarriorgaming.com to secure your spot in the coolest Cyber Competition Challenge Ever!

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