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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

Oct 14, 2022 | News | 0 comments

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“Greater is coming”-Ty Askew


Ty Askew is the CEO/Founder of Sugar and Spice Skincare, LLC. She is a native of Dallas, TX but has been residing in Hampton Roads, VA for the last 10 years. After completing her Bachelors of Science in Chemistry (2003) and Masters of Arts in Kinesiology (2012), Ty moved across time zones and began dating her husband, Aaron. She quickly gained a job as a medical biller/coder with specialties in Market Access, Patient Care Access, Project Management and Implementation, and Medicare enrollment. With her vast knowledge, she’s assisted many friends and family navigate insurance policies and procedures, as well as sign up for a plan adequate for them and their families.


Years later, in 2020 her twin girls Aaryn and Aaliyah came along. They were her inspiration behind starting an all natural skin care line. Ty’s girls were born prematurely and required delicate care. She and her husband noticed how bathing dried their skin, causing eczema, and the traditional baby care brands would break them out. Ty knew that they needed another option. Therefore, she started her research on all over the counter natural products, their ingredients, and began experimenting with these same ingredients in her own kitchen. She was able to successfully create body washes and body butters without preservatives, dyes, and fragrances. Her daughters skin improved drastically, and she began  selling these same products to family and friends to help with their eczema and sensitive skin issues.

Outside of insurance and skincare, Ty enjoys several hobbies: playing or watching football, listening to music, and online shopping. She is also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc as well as Alpha Lambda Psi Military Spouses Sorority, Inc. Her favorite quote is “greater is coming.”


Ty’s mission with Sugar and Spice is to continue to provide all natural skincare products to her community at an affordable price and build consumer confidence in local, natural products. Popular brands are only popular because of the name and not the product itself. She also wants to extend her products to include other self care are items in the near future.

Follow Ty Askew on her social media platforms

FB: Sugar and Spice Skincare, LLC
Contact: 214-534-8560

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