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Whole life Literacy for Youth Empowerment and Advocacy with HOPE Doc Tahira Lee

Sep 15, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


Celebrating Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary

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Expert Speaker “Literacy: The Foundation for Success”


● Youth Advocacy
● Whole Life Literacy
● Youth Empowerment

In this article you will know more about… Whole life Literacy for Youth Empowerment and Advocacy! Youth advocacy plays a crucial role in promoting whole life literacy, which encompasses various aspects of personal development and well-being. By engaging in advocacy, young individuals can actively contribute to creating a society that values and supports literacy in all its forms. This includes not only traditional literacy skills like reading and writing but also digital literacy, financial literacy, health literacy, and emotional intelligence.


About HOPE Doc Tahira Lee

I am CEO Chick, HOPE Doc Tahira Lee, a passionate advocate for helping others (youths aged 7-17) pursue elevation in all aspects of life. With over two decades of experience in youth advocacy, business development and two bachelor’s degrees under my belt, I am dedicated to making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Originally from TwentyNine Palms, CA, I currently reside in ATL, GA, where I serve as the Co-Founder of The HOPE House Community Inc, operating under the name “HOPE Enterprises Inc.” As the CEO, I oversee our organization’s mission to empower young individuals and their families through various initiatives.


Can you share with us a memorable experience from your journey as a speaker and how it relates to the themes of literary inspiration and empowerment, especially in the context of Chosen Pen’s mission?

HOPE Doc Tahira Lee: Certainly! One memorable experience from my journey as a speaker that relates to the themes of literary inspiration and empowerment is when I had the opportunity to speak at the CEO CHICKS FEMPIRE conference in 2022. The conference aimed to inspire women entrepreneurs and empower them to pursue their passion for business.

During my talk, I shared my personal journey as an entrepreneur, highlighting the challenges I faced and the moments of self-doubt I encountered along the way. I emphasized the importance of finding one’s unique voice and embracing the power of storytelling.

After my talk, I had the chance to interact with the attendees, many of whom were aspiring entrepreneurs themselves. It was truly inspiring to see their enthusiasm and determination to pursue their dreams. We engaged in discussions about the creative process, shared tips, and exchanged ideas for overcoming obstacles.

This experience highlighted the importance of fostering a supportive and empowering community for writers. By sharing our own journeys, struggles, and triumphs, we can inspire others to embrace their own creativity and find the courage to pursue their passions. Literary inspiration and empowerment go hand in hand, and through platforms like Chosen Pen, we can create spaces where aspiring writers can thrive and make a positive impact with their words. Chosen Pen Publishing believes in the power of storytelling.

How do you see storytelling as a catalyst for personal growth and forgiveness, and can you provide an example from your own life or work that illustrates this?

HOPE Doc Tahira Lee: Storytelling has a profound impact on personal growth and forgiveness. It allows individuals to explore their own experiences, emotions, and perspectives, while also fostering empathy and understanding towards others. Through storytelling, we can confront our own vulnerabilities, learn from our mistakes, and ultimately find the path towards forgiveness.

In my own life, I have experienced the transformative power of storytelling in relation to personal growth and forgiveness. A few years ago, I went through a difficult period where I held onto anger and resentment towards someone who had wronged me. It consumed my thoughts and affected my overall well-being.

During this time, I turned to writing as a form of catharsis. I started penning a fictional story that mirrored my own experiences, but with different characters and settings. Through the act of storytelling, I was able to delve deep into my emotions, examine the motivations behind my anger, and gain a new perspective on the situation.

As the story unfolded, I found myself empathizing with the antagonist, understanding their own struggles and insecurities. Through this process, I realized that forgiveness was not about condoning the actions of others, but rather about freeing myself from the burden of resentment and finding peace within.

By crafting a narrative that explored forgiveness and redemption, I was able to reflect on my own journey and find the strength to let go of the anger I had been holding onto. The act of storytelling allowed me to process my emotions, gain insights into my own growth, and ultimately find forgiveness for both myself and the person who had wronged me.

This personal experience exemplifies how storytelling can serve as a catalyst for personal growth and forgiveness. It provides a safe space to explore complex emotions, confront difficult truths, and ultimately find healing and understanding. Through storytelling, we can transform our own narratives, learn from our experiences, and embark on a journey towards forgiveness and personal growth.

As the speaker for Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, what unique insights or perspectives do you plan to bring to the event to inspire both authors and readers in attendance, especially in the context of your association with Forbes Business Council?

HOPE Doc Tahira Lee: As a speaker for Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, I plan to bring a unique blend of insights and perspectives that draw from my association with the Forbes Business Council. While my background lies in the business world and youth business development I strongly believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to inspire and empower individuals, both as authors and readers.

During the event, I will emphasize the importance of embracing creativity and storytelling in all aspects of life, including the business world. I will share insights on how storytelling can be a powerful tool for effective communication, building connections, and driving meaningful change. I will highlight the ways in which authors and readers can leverage their storytelling skills to make an impact, not only in the literary realm but also in their professional lives.

Drawing from my experience in the Forbes Business Council, I will bring a unique perspective on how storytelling can be applied to various industries and sectors. I will discuss the role of storytelling in branding, marketing, and leadership, showcasing real-world examples of how businesses have successfully utilized storytelling to engage their audience and drive success.

Furthermore, I will emphasize the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in storytelling. I will encourage authors and readers to embrace their unique voices, share their personal stories, and connect with others on a deeper level. I will highlight the power of vulnerability in fostering empathy, building trust, and inspiring others.

Overall, my goal as a speaker for Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration is to inspire both authors and readers by bridging the worlds of business and storytelling.

How do you think Chosen Pen Publishing has contributed to shaping the landscape of professional publishing and why do you believe it is considered a writer’s preferred choice?

HOPE Doc Tahira Lee: Chosen Pen Publishing has made a significant impact on the publishing landscape by providing a platform for diverse voices, embracing technology, empowering authors, and promoting inclusivity. These factors contribute to its reputation as a writer’s preferred choice, as it offers a supportive and collaborative publishing experience that aligns with the aspirations and values of many writers.

The event aims to immerse attendees in a world of literary inspiration. Can you give us a sneak peek into what attendees can expect from your keynote address on the topic of whole life literacy and how it will resonate with the broader themes of the celebration, including storytelling, personal growth, and empowerment?

HOPE Doc Tahira Lee: Absolutely! In my talk on the topic of whole life literacy, attendees can expect an immersive and thought-provoking experience that explores the intersection of storytelling, youth advocacy, and empowerment. I will delve into the idea that literacy extends beyond simply reading and writing, encompassing a broader understanding and appreciation of the power of the next generation.

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