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Love Letters From a Black Queen to a Black King | Promises R. Huff

Apr 13, 2024 | Interviews, News | 0 comments


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Promises Rene Huff

Author | Certified Grief Coach | Licensed Cosmetologist | Serial Entrepreneur


Buy Her Books From Amazon: Here

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Meet, Coach Promises R. Huff, a very strong lady with a heart as big as her achievements. She’s not just a bestselling author and certified life coach, but also a licensed cosmetologist and experienced educator. With a background in law enforcement, she’s driven by a passion to help others navigate grief and achieve their goals.

As a devoted mother and community volunteer, she’s committed to making a difference in people’s lives, whether through her coaching or her involvement in various organizations. With Promises, it’s not just about success, but about guiding others toward healing and second chances.

Books By Promises Huff

Promises Rene, you are beautiful inside, outside, and that radiating light we all just feel. You are the light. You had impact on me this weekend that I’m not sure I’ve fully felt just yet. – Lori May (Reader/Fan)

Following her goal to heal to mass people, she has written bestselling books like:

🌟 Broken Silence, The Truth Behind My Tears
🌟 Feel, Deal, Heal
🌟 You Were Built For This
🌟 Broken Crayons Still Colors

To explore all such powerful, courageous and wisdomful books by Promises Rene Huff, check them out on Amazon.

Click HERE to explore Promises Huff’s e-book store.

Author Bio

Coach Promises R. Huff is a Best Selling and International Best Selling Author, Certified Life/ Grief Coach originally from Raeford, NC. She is a proud HBCU Alumni of Fayetteville State University (Fayetteville, NC). She holds licenses and certifications, in Certified Daycare Management, Licensed Cosmetologist in four (4) different states, Licensed Paraprofessional, a Certified Life Coach of ICU Coaching Academy, a Master Holistic Reflexologist and Hair Loss Specialist. Most importantly, she is a 7th grade Social Studies teacher.

Two must read powerful books:

📖 Broken Silence, The Truth Behind My Tears | Read Here

📖 Feel, Deal, Heal: Workbook | Read Here

With experience and grief from the law enforcement industry, she has developed, nurtured, and heightened her passion and vision to new levels. They have been the motivation behind her desire to assist individuals and families to identify, establish, persistently pursue, and accomplish their goals and visions.

She is taking it a step further, as she is striving to instruct, guide, assist and mentally rehabilitate individuals to adapt and take advantage of their second chance in life through the Re-Entry Program, also while aiding men and women with their grieving to healing process of losing their spouse, specifically designed for that population.

Mrs. Promises is a very spiritual lady, a member and volunteer in the communities representing Chi Sigma Delta Sorority Incorporated (since Summer 2019), Krimson Kourts Incorporated (Kappa Sweet since 1999), and BSW (Beautiful Spirited Women). In addition to wearing all her hats gracefully in the corporate world, Mrs. Promises R. Huff is the mother of three beautiful, handsome, intelligent, and talented children.


BIZBoost Team is looking ahead to get connected with Mrs. Promises Rene Huff as soon as possible. Till then you may connect with her at the below attached social handles and addresses.

Connect With Promises Huff

Promises Rene Huff
📞 Phone: (601) 880-8773

⚡ Facebook BossLadyHuff / Promises Rene
⚡ Instagram @p.rene_the_stylist & @speaklife_inspiration24
⚡ LinkedIn Promises Huff
⚡ Book Store Huff Store

Must Read Books by Promises R. Huff

#1 Feel, Deal, Heal

This book is an amazing workbook. It is a companion to the Feel, Deal, Heal book by Promises Huff. Her transparent and honest approach to healing will help people around the world. She has a way of helping others to see their own pain and process it.

She takes her life experiences and uses them to help others and so that they can heal and become the purposeful person God planned for them.

Buy Now at Amazon: Here

#2 Broken Silence, The Truth Behind My Tears

It is based on a true story, about a journey of a young woman transitioning from dream career to inmate to re-entry to recovery to redemption. Promises Huff shares one of her life’s traumas to shine light on a dark time in her life in hopes of spreading hope.

Buy Now at Amazon: Here

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