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Exclusive Interview: Indie Hip-Hopper and Rapper “Twizm Whyte Piece” at BIZBoost Talks

Apr 30, 2024 | Interviews, News | 0 comments


TSM Whyte Piece Reveals The Secrets To His Success in Exclusive Live Talk With The Creator Of BIZBoost, Mohd. Imran

Live Talks: We are glad to announce that yesterday evening, we had a special guest at our Live Talks, Indie’s popular hip-hopper, rapper, multi-award winner, and creator of TwpFcr247 LLC, Twizm Whyte Piece. There, he shared insights into his entertainment career, his incredible journey in the music industry, and secrets to his success. The entire session was hosted by the multi-faceted personna, dynamic team leader, and the Founder of BIZBoost Inc., Mr. Mohd. Imran

The session was kicked off with the stats of the artist’s remarkable achievements—rapper Twizm has so far won three Music Awards for releasing 16 albums, 22 singles, and an impressive record of over a million streams.

When asked about the musician’s journey, Whyte Piece spoke modestly while reflecting on his early years, praising the team with organizations like ISO, which served as the basis for his current solo ventures.

The artist, Twizm stated

During live talks, the artist also shared how he remains driven by an insatiable desire to succeed despite the sleepless nights and setbacks. He stated, “I’m crazy if I want something; I want it so badly that I will achieve that no matter what. If you want to be a Youtuber, you can be a Youtuber; if you want to be a person who travels the US for blogging, you can do that. Today, achieving such desires is a lot easier than it was before. I am learning to adjust to new ways, ideas, and trends to accomplish new dreams.”

When asked about adapting to the ever-evolving music industry, Whyte Piece credited his supportive friends and mentors, including Dr. Jimmy Star and E Shapiro. Their guidance has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of modern music production and marketing, allowing him to stay true to his artistic vision while embracing new trends.

Then there is one crucial lesson for music lovers or those who want to make their career in the entertainment industry: “If you have self-belief and confidence in your skill, you can successfully balance your creativity with the demands of music or other business, ” said Mr. Twizm.

Life long memorable moment

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The conversation took a turn when Mr. Imran asked the artist to draw his attention to one of the best moments of his career till now, and Whyte Piece shared a heartfelt moment about his most cherished career moments. From commanding the stage with his children by his side to igniting crowds with his signature music, these experiences underscored the true essence of success beyond fame. He mentioned about his performance at Emerson Theater in Indianapolis.

He said, “There was a crowd of about 500 people, and there was the moment when everyone in the place was singing, dancing, and enjoying our song with us. It was that moment, that’s that small taste of Heaven; I mean, we felt that’s the happiness, the achievement.”

Upcoming Exciting Project:

Moving forward, if you are curious about the upcoming exciting project of Mr. Twizm, his newfound focus is on music production and the launch of his latest single, “Dancing on These Haters,” listeners were treated to an exclusive sneak peek of his latest sonic offering. The astounding beats and empowering lyrics were a testament to Whyte Piece’s resilience and dedication to his passion for music.

Twizm’s Words of Wisdom

In a parting message to aspiring musicians and creatives, Whyte Piece shared his words of wisdom, asking them to believe in themselves relentlessly. “You are only as good as your belief in yourself,” he further said, encouraging others to persevere in the face of adversity and never lose sight of their dreams.

Let us tell you that after going off, Twizm wrote on X about the live talk with Mr. Imran, which immediately got the attention of his wide following list.

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To tune in with his latest album, do check out Twizm Whyte Piece

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