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Mental Health, Storytelling and Empowerment with Eva Bryant

Sep 15, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


Celebrating Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary

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Expert Speaker: “Forgiveness Equals Mental Wellness”


● Mental health
● Forgiveness
● Setting Boundaries
● Healing
● Self care

In this article you will know more about… Eva’s passion for mental health awareness and the importance of engaging our community in talking about their mental health and encouraging them to seek therapy. The importance of breaking generational curses, to set a new precedence on mental health awareness.

About Eva Bryant

Mrs. Eva Bryant is a Haitian, American native of Miami Florida. Eva earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the illustrious Florida A&M University and her Masters in Mental Health Counseling degree from Nova Southeastern University. She is currently attending Barry University for her Counseling (PHD) Specialization in Marital, Couple and Family Counseling.

Eva Bryant, a licensed mental health counselor based in the South Florida region, has over 10 years of experience in the mental health field and working within the community to provide mental health services. Eva currently runs her own private practice and engages in speaking engagements throughout the country. She is also the Founder of Diva in Session. A mental health initiative focused on normalizing therapy and mental health awareness in our community.

Through speaking engagements, Mrs. Bryant has continued to use her mental health platform (Diva in Session), to promote and encourage mental health awareness and normalizing therapy. Eva’s private practice, Therapy with a Purpose LLC has continued to thrive for several years now. She provides individual therapy services, couples therapy services, family therapy services and group therapy services. Her goal and initiative are to continue using her platform and professional influence to engage others in talking about their mental health and seeking help in hopes of highlighting the importance of addressing mental health issues. Eva has been recognized for her work efforts by Voyage Magazine Miami and Teen Court Miami.


Can you share with us a memorable experience from your journey as a speaker and how it relates to the themes of literary inspiration and empowerment, especially in the context of Chosen Pen’s mission?

Eva Bryant: I remember my first speaking engagement in 2019. It was a women’s empowerment seminar supporting entrepreneurs. While I knew my position in the seminar was to tie in mental health and the role it plays being an entrepreneur, I was taken aback by the amount of strong successful women who struggled with pushing themselves or reaching their next level which aligned with the theme of literary inspiration and empowerment specifically in mental health awareness .

Chosen Pen Publishing believes in the power of storytelling. How do you see storytelling as a catalyst for personal growth and forgiveness, and can you provide an example from your own life or work that illustrates this?

Eva Bryant: Storytelling, closes the gap that often sets us apart from our audience. Storytelling allows us as authors/speakers to become more relatable. I remember sharing a story about how the beginning of my public speaking journey brought about an exaggerated amount of anxiety, and feelings of imposter syndrome. But persevering through those difficult thoughts and emotions has afforded me the ability to see that I am more than capable and the knowledge I have needs to be shared! Here I am over 10 public speaking events later, growing and thriving.

As the speaker for Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, what unique insights or perspectives do you plan to bring to the event to inspire both authors and readers in attendance, especially in the context of your association with Forbes Business Council?

Eva Bryant: I plan to shed light on mental health awareness and therapy. I hope to encourage authors and readers to take care of their mental well being. It is amazing the things we can accomplish when we address our mental struggles and start to grow into our mental wellness.

How do you think Chosen Pen Publishing has contributed to shaping the landscape of professional publishing and why do you believe it is considered a writer’s preferred choice? Can you highlight any specific success stories or partnerships that exemplify this?

Eva Bryant: Chosen Publishing has continued to open doors for many unsung voices who are now thriving in diverse fields of authorship.

The event aims to immerse attendees in a world of literary inspiration. Can you give us a sneak peek into what attendees can expect from your keynote address and how it will resonate with the broader themes of the celebration, including storytelling, personal growth, and empowerment?

Eva Bryant: I plan to connect the pieces of forgiveness and mental wellness by educating the audience about how ignoring these key components can hinder them from growing and fully understanding their purpose.

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