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Meet Takhia Gaither, the Amazon Bestselling Author, Editor, and CEO

Sep 14, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


Celebrating Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary

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Expert Speaker: “Forgiveness Equals Mental Wellness”

About Takhia Gaither

Takhia Gaither, CEO of The Ready Write-Her Writing Services, is an international speaker, multi-time Amazon Bestselling author, editor, and co-author of over 10 anthologies and author of 4 solo projects, and various journals and planners. As an accomplished mathematics, technology, and computer science teacher, she also uses her expertise and teaching skills as a writing coach for Christian authors who are writing about difficult topics and freelance curriculum writing and development.

A mother of 2 and a native of Baltimore, MD, Takhia is a graduate of Eastern Gateway Community College, (AA Teacher Education), University of Maryland, (BS Mathematics), and University of Maryland, Global Campus, (MS Information Technology). She also holds leadership positions in her church, Kingdom Nation Church & Ministries, and Stage One in Action, a youth empowerment non-profit organization.


Can you share with us a memorable experience from your journey as a speaker and how it relates to the themes of literary inspiration and empowerment, especially in the context of Chosen Pen’s mission?

Takhia Gaither: I’ve been a classroom teacher for nearly 20 years, however, I never really considered myself much of a public speaker. However, all of that changed in 2022. My very first speaking experience was for Women’s Day at my church and I was first. In all of my nerves, I did what I do best, I taught for 10-15 minutes and it was well-received. That one little spark, was God’s way of letting me know that more was next and this past March I was able to become an International TEDx panel speaker with the opportunity to return Spring 2024 to do a full TEDx talk on my own. Working with Chosen Pen was one of my first writing experiences as well and working the team has further heightened and encouraged my endeavors to continue to inspire, teach, encourage, and empower others.

Chosen Pen Publishing believes in the power of storytelling. How do you see storytelling as a catalyst for personal growth and forgiveness, and can you provide an example from your own life or work that illustrates this?

Takhia Gaither: In preparing for the TEDx experience last March, I had no idea what I wanted to discuss or how I would be able to contribute. I’d recently become divorced but had yet to tell the story of all the things that led up to that event but more importantly how life changed after. Through writing my book “I Forgive Me: Navigating Life After Survival Mode,” I was able share pieces of my story with readers. The highlight for me is never just sharing the story, it’s expanding and expounding on the lessons learned and the overcoming afterward. Since publishing in May, I have had countless women express their gratitude for my sharing and transparency and have encouraged them to move forward on their journeys.

As the speaker for Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, what unique insights or perspectives do you plan to bring to the event to inspire both authors and readers in attendance, especially in the context of your association with Forbes Business Council?

Takhia Gaither: Coming out of an abusive relationship requires multiple levels of healing and it had to begin with forgiving myself for the choices that I had to make in order to survive. More than that, it was forgiving myself for the decisions that now have lasting impacts on the lives of my children. The unique insights and perspectives that I bring are those of an overcomer who started a business in the middle of an international pandemic because I needed the distraction to stay sane. I share the perspective of the present-parent who now has to teach her children to navigate through forgiveness for them to reach their full potentials.

How do you think Chosen Pen Publishing has contributed to shaping the landscape of professional publishing and why do you believe it is considered a writer’s preferred choice? Can you highlight any specific success stories or partnerships that exemplify this?

Takhia Gaither: As I stated earlier, working with Chosen Pen was my second writing experience. I was a new author and came across an author call and the rest has been history. I can honestly say that they are the writer’s preferred choice because once you’re with Chosen Pen, you’re not just a client, you’re family. Being from Maryland, I call Chosen Pen my “North Carolina Family.” From working on that first book with Chosen Pen, I was able to form a partnership that has gone from author, to editor, to webmaster, and now international speaker and curriculum writer. Chosen Pen Publishing has been a very integral part of my career as an author, editor, formatter, curriculum writer, and speaker and I can’t wait to see what more is to come!

The event aims to immerse attendees in a world of literary inspiration. Can you give us a sneak peek into what attendees can expect from your keynote address and how it will resonate with the broader themes of the celebration, including storytelling, personal growth, and empowerment?

Takhia Gaither: This weekend will be a phenomenal display of literary inspiration from the networking to the panel to everything in between. I think it would be impossible to leave the event without having a thought of new book or wanting to become an author. From my panel, attendees can expect to learn new ways to think of bandwidth and capacity, and that’s all I will say about that for now 😉

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Website TheReadyWrite-Her.com

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