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Disruptive Partners joins EDSAFE AI Alliance Industry Council with Over 60+ Leading EdTech Companies

May 30, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Disruptive Partners, a minority-led K12 Innovation Firm is thrilled to join the EDSAFE AI Alliance Industry Council to help shape the future of AI in education!

Artificial Intelligence: On May 28 2024, the leading cross-sector voice for the responsible adoption and use of AI through the SAFE Framework and education policy, announced the launch of its EDSAFE AI Industry Council with over 60 founding member companies. Disruptive Partners, a renowned education and social innovation consulting firm, joins the force of the EDSAFE AI Alliance Industry Council to help shape the future of AI in education.

The founder and lead consultant of Disruptive Partners, Dr. Anashay Wright, AKA Anashay Disrupts, announced the news of joining the EDSAFE AI Alliance on her official social handles.

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The EDSAFE AI Industry Council is made up of 60+ leading education and technology companies of all sizes committed to ensuring artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI, and related technologies—in their own companies’ solutions and across the education landscape—are safe, accountable, fair, and effective (SAFE) and who adhere to the SIIA AI Principles.

The EDSAFE AI Industry Council, led by Karl Rectanus, unites companies at the forefront of education and technology in a groundbreaking alliance,” said Jordan Mroziak, Project Director, EDSAFE AI Alliance. “Dedicated to guiding artificial intelligence towards a future that is Safe, Accountable, Fair, and Effective (SAFE), this council embodies EDSAFE’s commitment to be in partnership with industry to ensure responsible technology use.

Disruptive Partners In The List Of EDSAFE AI Alliance Industry Council’s Members

CISION PRWeb released the list of founding members associated with the EDSAFE AI Alliance Industry Council. We can spot the name of Disruptive Partners in the list of 60+ Leading Education and Technology Companies.

Currently, the founding member organizations include:

Adaptive Reader
Age of Learning
AI Coach by Edthena
Amira Learning
ASSISTments Foundation
BetterLesson, Inc.
Branching Minds
Carnegie Learning
Cartwheel Care
Charter School Growth Fund
ClassDojo, Inc.
Cybernut Inc.
Disruptive Partners, K12 Innovation & Leadership Dev
Finetune by Prometric
FutureSum AI, Inc.
Global Science of Learning Education Network
GPTZero, Inc.
Instructure, Inc.
JET Education Services
Kaplan, Inc.
Kyron Learning
Leading Educators
Learning Data Insights
McGraw Hill LLC
Merlyn Mind
Panorama Education
Playbl, Inc.
Primer Global, Inc.
Reading Horizons
Renaissance Learning
Southern New Hampshire University
Study Hall.AI
Transfr Inc
Yourwai, by LINC
1EdTech Consortium, Inc.

These councils produce resources for the field, serve as advisors and experts, and help break down silos within the education sector and build understanding. Reportedly, the membership is expected to expand during 2024 as the group welcomes education companies committed to the principles of the SAFE Framework.

About EDSAFE AI Industry Council

EDSAFE was founded in 2020 and is now a global initiative led by InnovateEDU and powered by a coalition of organizations. The Industry Council is currently chaired by Karl Rectanus, an industry veteran in partnership with the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), an EDSAFE AI Steering Committee member.

As a group, the Industry Council members inform, support, and advocate for intelligent, EDSAFE-aligned public policy and principles, participate in knowledge sharing, and help equip the adoption of SAFE technologies in collaboration with Steering Committee groups. The Industry Council members inform, support, and advocate for smart, SAFE-aligned public policy and principles and work toward organization policies, practices, and product solutions consistent with the SAFE Framework. It is all established in the incorporation of two dozen education associations, non-profits, and policy groups to ensure education innovations are available, useful, safe, and productive for all students and teachers. The Industry Council is a voluntary group, and members do not pay participation fees.

Education companies are united in their commitment to expanding opportunity, learning, and innovation to all students and teachers in safe and accessible ways,” said Karl Rectanus, Chair of the EdSAFE Industry Council. This growing collection of leading companies brings expertise, investment, and thoughtful collaboration as we all navigate towards a more equitable world in the AI era.

Disruptive Partners Is Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

Meet the face and mastermind behind Disruptive Partners, Dr. Anashay Wright is a proud innovator, a respected thought leader, and, most importantly, a black mother on a mission to disrupt the status quo in education. The firm is dedicated to equipping our future leaders and children with the right tools and programs to foster a growth mindset and set them up for success.

“As a member of the EDSAFE AI Ally & Industry Council and Founder & CEO of Disruptive Partners K12 Innovation firm; we’re committed to using “AI As An Educational Ally (TM)” and game-changer to transform education. As a mother, educator, speaker, and trusted-advisor to leaders, we’re committed to shaking things up, opening doors, and removing barriers for Black, Brown, and marginalized students. Together as an Industry Council of bold, strategic leaders, we’re dedicated to making education a safe, inclusive space and ensuring that AI is used responsibly; in ways that create a new kind of learning experience and knock down walls to create opportunities. I truly believe every kid, no matter where they come from, can shoot for the stars and thrive!” – Dr. Anashay Wright,Disruptive Partners K12 Innovation Firm

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