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Meta AI on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook: How to set up and use it?

Jun 29, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Meta AI Chatbot: Meta AI seeks to modify the way people interact on social media platforms, simplifying and improving the intuitiveness of daily tasks.

Artificial Intelligence: Get ready for a more innovative experience with Meta AI on your regular messaging apps and social media platforms. Meta has made its innovative artificial intelligence assistant, Meta AI, available to global users. Meta AI may be accessed via Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp and is said to help with learning, creative projects, and everyday tasks.

Inspired by the most recent Llama 3 technology, Meta AI was first introduced at Meta Connect in 2018 and is currently accessible to users worldwide. Since April, Meta AI powered by Llama 3 has been growing internationally.

Meta AI on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook

Let us inform you about this updated feature, Meta AI Chatbot, an AI assistant that can chat, answer your questions and generate creative images based on your prompt


With WhatsApp group chats, Meta AI can assist with suggestions and planning. You may ask Meta AI directly in your WhatsApp chat for advice on anything from finance, restaurants, and travel schedule ideas.

To access the Meta AI feature, update your device’s WhatsApp. Once the update is ready, click on the blue-purple circle icon at the app’s top to explore and experience the Meta AI directly.


On Instagram, users can use Meta AI through their direct messages. By entering “@” after their question or query in a Direct Message, individuals can interact with Meta AI.

Meta AI can also assist users in their event planning, generating ideas and building strategies within their chats.

Although the effectiveness of this feature on Instagram is still to be determined, it is intended to be a valuable resource for people looking for inspiration or quick information. It would be exciting to see how it results in interaction.


The first, foremost and significant product of the Meta, Facebook, has been rendered better by Meta AI, which adds more context and details about the posts in your feed.

In the feed, you can ask Meta AI about the optimal times. For example, if you see a post about the northern lights, you can ask Meta AI about the best times to view them. In Messenger, Meta AI works the same way as WhatsApp; it will provide suggestions, help with planning, and interactive features to improve discussions.

Did You Know?

Meta Platforms, Inc., formerly known as Facebook, Inc., currently owns and operates Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and WhatsApp, among other products and services.

Introducing Meta AI’s unique feature, “Imagine”

One noteworthy feature of Meta AI is called “Imagine.” It enables users to produce and share AI-generated images from their chat conversations. You may create personalized invitations for events, mood boards for ideas on home décor, and even animate or edit pre-existing photographs by using the term “imagine” and giving new prompts when interacting with Meta AI.

How to access Meta AI?

Ensure the applications are updated to the latest version to get Meta AI in your device.

Meta AI is being gradually released from Meta. If you want to access and use Meta AI on your WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, just update the application once. To check if you’ve received the update, look for the blue-purple icon in WhatsApp or type ‘@’ in Instagram direct messages.

If you have not received the update, wait for a moment. Meta AI will arrive on your device in a few days. Keep your Meta apps updated to the most recent version to guarantee quick access.

We hope this information about Meta AI, its setup, and utilization will be helpful for you. Also, do let us know if you have already explored it on Meta apps.

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