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Video Viral: DJ Paz tests Google’s MusicFX and Gemini AI

Jul 1, 2024 | News | 0 comments


DJ VS Google’s AI, MusicFX at CNET.

Artificial Intelligence—30 June: DJ Paz joins the most recent Expert vs. AI episode of CNET, where he takes on Gemini and tests out Google‘s new MusicFX AI. To learn what this 20-year dance music veteran thinks of Google’s AI and what MusicFX can accomplish, watch the attached video released by CNET on their official website.

CNET released a video on social media, too, where we can watch the answers to our questions, like how AI will affect DJing, evaluate Google Gemini’s responses to DJ-related questions, and test-drive Google’s experimental MusicFX AI tools.

What is MusicFX?

In case you are not aware, MusicFX is a generative AI text-to-music experiment tool and an Android audio equaliser and effects application. It allows users to customise the sound settings to enhance the audio experience, adjusting elements like bass and treble for music playback on their device.

As per Google’s blog, people can now create tunes up to 70 seconds in length and music loops, explore prompts with expressive chips, and download or share their creations with friends. So far, people have created more than 10 million tracks using this tool.

Key Takeaways

In the video, Paz, a DJ, explores Google’s Music FX tool, testing its capabilities in generating music styles like disco, funk, and hip-hop. While impressed with its potential, Paz finds the results somewhat generic and only sometimes aligned with his expectations. He highlights the tool’s ability to create music quickly but suggests it needs more customisation options tailored to DJing needs, such as better control over song structure and remixing capabilities. Reflecting on AI’s impact, Paz sees potential for AI to enhance DJ workflows by handling mundane tasks like music organisation and suggesting transitions, allowing DJs to focus more on creative aspects like live remixing and engaging with the audience.

Despite AI’s efficiencies, Paz emphasises a preference for the authenticity and spontaneity of live music performances.

In what way does Google’s newest AI tool, MusicFX, appeal to you?

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