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Chosen Pen Publishing: Virtual Book Tour 2024 | Authors

Apr 18, 2024 | News, Showcase | 0 comments


“Every author has a story to tell, and every story deserves to be told”—Chosen Pen Publishing.

Virtual Book Tour 2024: As the literary space continues to evolve, authors and writers seek innovative ways to connect with readers around the globe. Chosen Pen Publishing is proud to introduce its exclusive latest program, the Virtual Book Tour, a comprehensive marketing plan designed to lift your book’s visibility and engagement.

Before moving forward, let’s quickly check out the Authors of Virtual Book Tour 2024.

VBT 2024: Featured Authors

1: Dr. Stephon Ferguson, The Voice of Martin Luther King

Author | Speaker | Performing Artist | Voiceover Artist | Former Radio Personality & News Reporter

Meet the voice of Martin Luther King in today’s world, Dr. Stephon Ferguson. He is an author, speaker, and artist who promotes his philosophy of justice, equality, and freedom as the only person ever licensed by the King’s Estate.

Stephon Ferguson is widely recognized for his exceptional ability to embody the voice and spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., and in “Legacy Reloaded: A Nonviolent Awakening,” he brings that same passion and authenticity to his writing.

To know more about Dr. Stephon Ferguson:

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2: Tanicia Prioleau, “Empowering Minds, Hearts, and Souls”

Author | Speaker | Consultant

In a world often overshadowed by chaos and confusion, some illuminate paths of clarity and understanding. Tanicia Prioleau is one of them.

Mrs Tanicia Prioleau is a multifaceted Author, Speaker, Publishing Consultant, Blogger, and Writer who has been passionate about writing since her youth. She is also a wife, a proud mother, and an intercessor. She has evolved into empowering minds, hearts, and souls to become reconciled to God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ —her journey, marked by dedication and commitment to guiding others towards a deeper connection with God.

To know more about Tanicia Prioleau

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3: Promises Huff, “Following her goal to heal the masses.”

Author | Certified Grief Coach | Licensed Cosmetologist | Serial Entrepreneur

Meet Coach Promises R. Huff, a powerful lady with a heart as big as her achievements. She’s a bestselling author, certified life coach, licensed cosmetologist, and experienced educator.

For Mrs. Promises, it’s not just about success but guiding others toward healing and inspiring them to give themselves a second chance.

To know more about Promises R. Huff:

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Introducing Chosen Pen “Virtual Book Tour”

Let us brief all the passionate and emerging authors about Chosen Pen Publishing’s Virtual Book Tour program, one of the leading publishing houses. The Virtual Book Tour offers a multifaceted approach to book promotion, combining strategic elements to ensure success in the digital world.

From featuring authors to captivating landing pages, from dynamic virtual launches to accumulating magazine and news coverage through compelling stories and interviews, Dr. Norma McLauchlin, TEDX Speaker, Forbes Author, Advocate, and Founder of Chosen Pen Publishing, provides the platform for authors to shine and captivate their audience in the global market.

“We understand the challenges authors face in navigating the ever-expanding digital landscape. With our Virtual Book Tour services, we aim to simplify the process and maximise the reach of your literary masterpiece,” says Dr. Norma.

To let your words resonate with readers worldwide and kickstart your Virtual Book Tour with Chosen Pen Publishing, visit Chosen Pen Virtual Book Tour now. To take your book promotion to the next level virtually, sign up right there.

Start your Virtual Book Tour today!

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