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NPU AI Literacy: Innovation Mentor, Dr. Anashay Wright Stated

Apr 23, 2024 | News, Showcase | 0 comments


National Parents Union Celebrated AI Literacy Day

NPU AI Live: Today, technology and innovation are evolving at their own pace. The tech giants have started a race to build the best Artificial Intelligence tools and software. It ultimately indicates that our future is reserved by AI, Metaverse, Blockchain Technology, and other innovations. Considering the importance of creating awareness among people about adopting technologies like AI, National Parents Union organized a live AI (Artificial Intelligence) Literacy session. It was glad to invite one of the leading AI Innovation Coaches, Dr. Anashay Wright.

Moving forward, let us inform you that Dr. Anashay Wright is more than just an AI Coach; she is an award-winning educator, Speaker, and Founder of Disruptive Partners. It is an educational firm that teaches schools and communities about innovative and trendy technologies. But before moving forward, let us quickly introduce the NPU.

What is NPU?

NPU, or National Parents Union, is an entity that supports parents with lived experience and is an authentic voice, advocate, and organizer who engages, educates, and empowers families, neighborhood by neighborhood, across the United States.

The firm highly believes that “Talent is equitably distributed. Opportunity is not. It’s time to put kids back at the center.”

NPU frequently conducts live sessions to inform, educate, and teach parents, students, and communities. It was thrilled to represent the thoughts and beliefs of various industry leaders. Dr. Anashay also joined the session and shared her valuable insights on artificial intelligence literacy.

Meet Innovation Mentor, Dr. Anashay Wright

As the realm of tech and innovation emerges, education is the only shining beacon in the fast-running world. Dr. Wright, the Founder and CEO of Disruptive Partners, appears as a hope of a solution. She is introducing the world to new-age technologies and digital academies with a vision to deliver trends like AI, Coding, and other life-required soft skills.

In case you are missing, Dr. Anashay Wright is an Educator, Speaker, AI Optimist, and proud Mother who aims to teach creativity and innovation to everyone.

Here Is What Dr. Wright Said

With a dedication to enhancing lives through education, Dr. Wright stands as a catalyst for change, empowering communities and families. At the recent National Parents Unions Town Hall, Dr. Wright gave insights on the significance of AI literacy, speaking of empowerment and equity. She stated, “We at Disruptive Partners are an education Innovation firm that works with superintendents, schools, districts, and local communities. My current most crucial role is to be the disruptive change partner and the mother of two joyful, peaceful, powerful black children.”

She further said while emphasizing the imperative need for a baseline understanding of AI, “Whether you like it or not, you need to understand the power of AI. When I speak about it, I speak about the power and potential it has for everyone, especially for the black communities, for historically ignored communities, for our children in school.”

Drawing from personal experience, Dr. Wright recounts her journey with AI, particularly in the context of her adult ADHD diagnosis. AI became her ally, facilitating communication and productivity in professional spaces where her neurodivergent tendencies posed challenges. This pivotal moment ignited her passion for leveraging AI to empower others, especially students facing educational barriers.

Not Only This

In her work with students, Dr. Wright witnessed firsthand the transformative power of AI in amplifying voices and unlocking potential. Dr. Wright enabled students to articulate their thoughts and stories by providing alternative avenues for expression through AI-powered tools, fostering a newfound sense of confidence and brilliance.

The results were tangible: increased literacy levels, improved engagement, and a resurgence of self-belief among students which was previously limited by traditional educational methods.

AI Literacy Is More Than Tech Proficiency:

For Dr. Wright, AI literacy represents more than technical proficiency. It symbolizes a form of cultural literacy—reclaiming narratives and voices long marginalized by societal structures. In her impassioned plea, she calls for democratizing AI literacy, envisioning a future where communities harness AI to amplify their brilliance and drive positive change.

During the live session, Dr. Anashay mentioned that her vision goes far beyond mere access; it encompasses the cultivation of knowledge and skills necessary to fully harness AI’s potential.

As we celebrate National AI Literacy Day, Dr. Wright stated, “It’s the sum of us that is more powerful than any of us.” Her words serve as a rallying cry for collaboration, partnership, and collective action in pursuing educational equity and empowerment.

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