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Tech Trend: Top “Latest AI Tools” To Use in 2024

Apr 30, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Innovative AI tools are emerging to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and empower businesses of all sizes.

Top AI Tools in 2024: As the world is adapting high-trending technologies at its pace, it becomes crucial for everyone to be updated with the latest inventions and innovations. If you are thinking of using artificial tools, apps, and software in your business or startup, then you need to keep up with the latest developments. Today, we are going to represent the newly developed Artificial Intelligence from the state of affairs.

These tools and applications can assist an individual, brand, or business to grow ten times faster, more effectively, and efficiently.

Let’s check out the most exciting new AI launches that can give your startup or established company a strategic edge but before that quickly learn about its meaning and concept.

What is AI?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the science of building computer systems that can complete tasks without requiring human intelligence.

No doubt, AI is the most powerful technology that is eventually reshaping the way of performing anything- from creative writing, designing, customer services, HR day-to-day activities, sales, and marketing to everything.

Top AI Tools to Use Now

Now, let’s check out the top trending Artificial Intelligence tools one can use in 2024:

1. Generative AI Tools

These are such online tools that help us generate texts, images, videos, audio, and even codes based on natural languages. They all just need humans to enter a prompt as per their requirement, and then done that’s it. Rest would be handled by the tools.

a) ChatGPT, Language Model

One of the most popular, and advanced generative AI, ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI. It is designed primarily to generate genuine language responses in conversational settings and belongs to the GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) model family.

From generating articles, blog posts, and social media captions to crafting website copy and email newsletters, ChatGPT offers a vast array of templates and tools to overcome writer’s block and produce high-quality content consistently. Through an API, ChatGPT is also capable of being integrated into websites and applications to improve user experience and employee efficiency.

Top Competitors: Gemini AI, YouChat, ChatSonic, Jasper AI, Bing, Copilot, Perplexity AI and others.

b) Midjourney, Image Creator

One of the effective image creation AI tools is just to enter your prompts in the text and get the image instantly based on your instructions. You can further, edit and augment the existing images as your wish and requirement.
Midjourney is the best example of generative AI that can convert textual prompts into images.

Top Competitors: DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Microsoft Bing, Adobe Firefly, and others.

c) Synthesia, Video Generative AI

Create Engaging Videos in Minutes with the AI-powered Video Generation tool, Synthesia. Imagine creating professional-looking videos featuring human presenters without the hassle of hiring actors or setting up studios, isn’t it amazing? All you need to do is choose a video template and add your script, that’s it and Synthesia will generate a high-quality video in over 140 languages. This is a game-changer for businesses that need to create explainer videos, product demos, or even personalized marketing campaigns.

Top Competitors: AI Studios, InVideo, Pictory, Clipchamp, Colossyan, and more.

2. AI for Customer Service:

The latest introduced AI tools are capable enough to work on behalf of humans. However, it is still the early age of artificial intelligence development and deployment, so we can’t expect to completely replace customer centers and customer services. Yet, these AI tools can save a lot of time, money, and speed.

a) Drift, A Conversational AI

Drift is a conversational AI that is built for multiple reasons, including helping sales representatives work more efficiently and qualifying and turning website visitors into clients. It can, therefore, also be used as a customer service representative.

Drift’s AI-powered chatbots use the knowledge base of your business or company, with which it helps clients respond to inquiries. This knowledge base includes manuals, schematics, instructions, and other materials. It can handle tasks that don’t need human intervention, like locating a part number or troubleshooting a basic issue, freeing up your contact center employees to attend to urgent and valuable client needs or concentrate on handling difficult issues that require human intervention.

Top Competitors: Salesforce Service Cloud, Zoho Desk, Intercom, Zendesk Suite, and others.

3. AI as your Financial Coach:

When it comes to our financial decisions, we don’t recognize who are our real well-wishers and who are not. In that case, for further financial decisions, users may consult and cross-check their financial management skills. Artificial intelligence (AI) in finance is the use of technology like machine learning (ML) that mimics human intelligence and decision-making to enhance how financial institutions analyze, manage, invest, and protect money in the best possible way.

a) Cleo: AI Chatbot for Finance

The AI-powered Financial Coach in Your Pocket Managing finances can be stressful, but Cleo injects a dose of fun and personalized advice into the equation. This AI chatbot connects directly to your bank account and provides real-time insights into your spending habits. Cleo uses natural language processing to offer budgeting tips, set goals, and even give you a motivational nudge (or “roast” depending on your preference!) when needed.

Top Competitors: Monzo, Plum, FinnAI, MoneyLion, Box, Albert, Dave, and others.

4. AI for HR Tasks:

Three main ways that artificial intelligence (AI) is assisting HR professionals are by automating time-consuming processes, providing insights into the employee-employer relationship, and streamlining recruiting. These chatbots can help HR automate the onboarding process, answer employees’ queries, and much more.

a) Fetcher.ai, Human Resource AI

Finding the best fit for the job roles is now becoming an easy task for human resource workers. They simply need to prompt Fletcher about what they’re looking for, and it produces a list of applicants, saving them the trouble of searching through LinkedIn and other database platforms. Recruiters can plan the start and finish dates of the interview process with Fletcher.ai, it can also automatically write and send personalized emails to qualified prospects.

In addition, Fetcher.io identifies which candidates are interested in displaying the number of candidates who have opened and clicked on emails. It also shows demographic and gender information for all of your candidates.

Top Competitors: Leena AI, HROne, KyndrylAI Solutions, and others.

5. AI for Meetings:

Sometimes, meeting attendees can become sidetracked and overlook something crucial. Another noted issue is meetings move so quickly and are so interesting that taking notes is hard or impossible. In the era of AI, this problem can also be solved so easily.

a) Read AI: Your AI Meeting Assistant

Make Meetings Meaningful Again with an AI-powered Meeting Assistant, Read AI. This AI meeting assistant analyzes recordings from Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams, generating summaries, highlights, and transcripts, and even allowing playback of key moments. With Read AI, you can ditch the note-taking struggle and focus on the actual discussion, ensuring everyone gets the most out of your meetings.

b) Fireflies: Your AI Meeting Assistant

Another great meeting assistant is Fireflies, which is also one of the top meeting optimization tools. It can also be installed to transcribe, summarise, and detect voice conversations. It can also be integrated with video conferencing and cloud storage. Additionally, fireflies can also be linked to other applications through its API.

Top Competitors: Duet AI for Google Workspace, Otter.ai, Avoma, Inc., MeetGeek, Sembly, and others.

6. AI for Sales and Marketing:

Sometimes, sales, marketing, and business development jobs become tough to survive in the long term. But now, employees can enjoy these targeting, networking, communicating, and follow-up jobs with the help of AI tools. AI can help sales and marketing spend less time on tedious and slow chores and more time gaining useful customer insights that will lead to more fruitful client interactions.

a) Apollo.io, Your Sales & Marketing Assistant

Apollo.io is a tool built for data analytics and sales engagement that helps companies locate and connect with customers, close deals faster, and improve their current network. transcribe, evaluate, and extract insightful information from your recorded sales calls, and guarantee the best results. Additionally, it automatically generates and sends email messages to prospects. Humans can rely on this tool for targeting, following up, pitching, and personal replies to prospects.

Top Competitors: Qualifier.ai, Seamless.AI, Lead411, Amplemarket, Hubspot Sales Hub, and others.

These are the tools you can use to build lead lists at scale for sales, marketing, and recruitment.

These are just a few examples of the exciting AI landscape businesses can leverage. By incorporating these tools, you can streamline workflows, boost productivity, and gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions. Remember, AI isn’t here to replace human ingenuity; it’s here to empower it. So, embrace the AI revolution and watch your business grow.

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