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Social Media Cliché

The Dilemma

BIZBoost Warning

Declaimer: Social Media can be injurious to your mental, physical, & spiritual health. Please Use & Consume Social Media Responsibly.

What is being valued online may not match your personal beliefs.

Social Media is not just a set of platforms, profiles, URLs, or even only display pictures, likes, retweets, or followers. The answers we seek can be explored by the media and emotions into the minds, bodies, and souls of your fans & audiences. Be Wise, Be Responsible. Serve Value and Progress on Purpose!

Constant Evolution

Social Media has changed drastically over the past few years. The constantly evolving Social Media economy, environment, algorithms, automated tools, Self-Served Ad-Boost, business features and in fact the race to stack up FAKE FOLLOWERS, is a rough path to walk upon just for the sake of survival, let alone thriving out louder.

Algorithms and Limits

The Force-Imposed social media system limits your account from reaching out to the mass.

Most importantly, It doesn’t matter how many Followers/Audiences you’ve in your Social Media Accounts, and has little or no correlation with the audience engagement rates too.

NOW is that time when for any piece of Content that you publish on your social media accounts, it needs to have a diversified strategy. With not just the purpose of the media to be broadcasted but also the “WHY” behind your Social Media Presence, The timings of the post, relevance, Goals, type/genre, preference of your existing audience, the approach, and such. All that to be precisely calculated and pre-strategized first hand including All your Social Media Actions. TODAY, Only the one with “Organic Power Play” handy is able to survive and thrive out smarter to the mass, to the max.

“It’s all about serving Value for Progress on Purpose.”

Organic Growth

The “Organic Growth” isn’t as easy as it was, & will only get complex with time as it’s all happening in Real-Time. BIZBoost makes it all smoothest for you, with you, and in total peace of mind.

It turns out to be a challenge worth committing. BIZBoost comes to unleash the growth potential of your online presence with personalized and legitimate solutions which are not only focused on Rigorously Targeting and Growing your core audience but also your Presence Authenticity, Engagement Metrics, Influence, Buzz, & Impact.


Social Media and the sneaky users are aggressively injecting different angles of perceptions in the minds of the media consumers. That includes the Black Hat Social Media tactics running on Illegitimate short-term growth process through BOTS, not humans, playing the number game of FAKE FOLLOWERS to fool the consumers, is not going to end up really well.


The Social Media Apocalypse is near for those who chose that pleasure of playing the number game with fake followers to fake their authenticity. There is a thin line of control and balance when it comes to “Automation.” Ones who utilize it for a refined purpose, are the only ones capable of surviving and thriving out of their own Social Media Apocalypse.


This Publication is Neither Inspired Nor Influenced by the Netflix Documentary: The Social Dilemma. This Meaningful Piece was ORIGINALLY CREATED on May 13, 2018 at 5:31 pm IST

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