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BIZBoost is all about “Enlightening, Educating, Entertaining & Empowering” the Digital Media sphere, the Awesome ones we work with, & their awesome audiences. Below is a hand-picked customized list of the Industry Leaders who we are connected with & admire the most. Check out what they are up to & Motivate your motivation, human to human.

Stefan Vetter

CEO @Wortspiel AdWords agency

Anurag Gour

Former Director Marketing, Microsoft

Rie Monique Cherie

Founder @ Designs for Body & Mind

Kanika Vohra

Partner @ Cercles Startups Hub

Nate Ohl

Social Media, SleepOvation

Ankit Prasad

Founder & CEO, BobbleKeyboard


Singer, Songwriter, Gym Owner, Trader

Melissa Cann

Owner of BodyFit Nutrition

John Taglieri

Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Tavaghn Monts

Music Producer, & Co-Founder, URN IT

COLDCOCK whiskey

American Herbal Whiskey

Mike Loki Anthony

Founder & CEO, Loki Designz

Michael Rico

DJ/Producer from Amsterdam

Tabata Caldironi

Director, Dancer, Actress, Model

Terrel Hawkins

Creative Producer, & Founder at Rells World

Antonio Fini

Dancer, Choreographer, Director at Fini Dance

Ornella Fado

TV Producer of Brindiamo

Ethan Horace

Creator, Power Hour @mntcradio

Michael Mao

Creator & Director, Michael Mao Dance NYC

Suelo The Sage

Hip Hop Artist & Music Influencer

Amelia C. Burkhart

Chief Brand Builder @bbrandagency

Lawrence J Murphy

Actor, Fitness Trainer & Model in Hollywood

Marine, PhD

20yo environment activist with smile.

Chris Makara 👽

Digital Strategist, Founder @Bulkly

The Federico Calce

Celebrity hair stylist, Federico Salon, Inc.

Cristina Fontanelli

Award-winning Singer/Actor/PBS-TV host

DJ Funky Leopard

DJ Songwriter Producer, FunkyLeopardStudio

DJ CamEyeAm

Music Producer from Atlanta, GA

Antonio Parello

Celebrity Chef from Bologna, Italy

James Griffiths

Spiritualist, P.I.G.S Paranormal, UK

Wendy Ida

Living Fit, Fierce & Fabulous after 40

Jon Ian Clarke

Songwriter, Record Producer

Tammy Reese - Avatar - BIZBoost Partner

Tammy Reese

Journalist, Founder at Visionary Minds


FitFam, Owner at Primary Thoughts, Inc.

Jimmy Hendrix

Record Label, Hendrix Music Group

Jamina Riley - Avatar - BIZBoost Partner

Jamina Riley

Entrepreneur, Spiritual & Psychic Healer

Mr Fox Tips - Avatar - BIZBoost Partner

Mr Fox Tips

Horse Racing Tipster Platform

Robyn-Lee - BIZBoost Partner - Profile

Deniro Bossa

Indie Hip Hop Singer & Producer

David Lindsey - BIZBoost Leaderboard - Profile

David Lindsey

Music Producer & CEO, TSA Network

Travius Keandric - BIZBoost Leaderboard

Travius Kendric

A Mazing Life, Indie Artist, Music Influencer

Alex - Tekpon - BIZBoost Leaderboard

Alexandru Stan

Angel Investor, CEO @ Cogneve, INC.

Todd Bruck - BIZBoost Leaderboard

Todd Bruck

Conversational Marketing, Botcake.com

Rahul Garg - Chief Product Officer - BIZBoost Inc - Pic2

Rahul Garg

CEO @ Sunrise & Co, Partner @ BTweeps

Sean Mcleod - BIZBoost Leaderboard

Sean McLeod

Executive Producer, President & CEO, NYIDE

Alex - Tekpon - BIZBoost Leaderboard

Jabria Earl

Director & CEO, Scion Cinematic

Todd Bruck - BIZBoost Leaderboard

Jason Culleton

Mental Health Crisis Team, SMM Executive

Rahul Garg - Chief Product Officer - BIZBoost Inc - Pic2

Carona Davis-Diop

Author, Producer, Director, Screenwriter

Sean Mcleod - BIZBoost Leaderboard

Timothy J. Forker

CEO, FORKSTER Music Promotions

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