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BIZBoost Ethics

The Social Media number game is somewhat fancy and toxic. We would never recommend anyone to follow that path. It’s not that standard refined perception we would like to craft your digital journey with. Instead, we go for Progress on Purpose, Serving Value online through each action brought up by your online presence and embracing it all.

Why Numbers Matter?

Influence and Advertising, But only if we have an earned and engaged following or at least have a plug to it.

It’s all about Content and Your Originality as the vital Responsibility to serve the Value and bring the IMPACT upon the mass. Good or bad, Calculate Wisely.

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Social Media Platforms and their Algorithms

It frequently changes as per Individual Platform T&C, Regulations and their Business Models. Whenever it happens, mostly seen per quarter, People freaks out because of that HOLY Corp Hammer smashed upon their Social Media Accounts effecting their Post REACH, Impressions, Visits, Clicks, Engagement rates and their Key Performance Indicators. The Essence of the number of followers earned within a profile started disconnecting with the Engagement rate, Because Engagement is the $ for the social platforms that they push and notify to GROW through their integrated Self-Served Ad-Platforms.

We don’t need to get confused with algorithm dynamics that might seem meaningless and unshakeable to many. That’s why there are professionals out there who understand these systems, figure them inside out and embrace that knowledge and experience might be something worth sharing privately or publicly, personally or professionally.

Social Media Influence

Evolving as a Social Influencer takes Consistency and Determination, with Value preposition handy. That Honor and privilege of being dedicated billboards for companies and brands through which they can reach consumers (your followers) in a genuine, Ethical, and efficient way, That Doesn’t happen overnight!

High followers count combined with decent Engagement on your account activities leads to organic Authority, Authenticity, Brand Value, Leadership, Impact, Buzz, and sometimes Good Sponsorships, Business, and Partnerships too. Take it as a massive weight Responsibility or Nothing!

The Dark Sides


People and businesses are buying fake followers to create that fancy and heightened popularity on social media. These counterfeit accounts neither belongs to real human beings nor belongs to people who are legitimate social media users.

Illegitimate and Unethical Services

That Army of illegitimate services emerged years back to spoof the numbers and raise the meter of their self-satisfaction few notches up to feel like they got a leg up above the social networking platforms! How does this approach make it even Social? It doesn’t!! This path only turned into an even giant chaos of running after numbers to stand out loud in front of the crowd. But we must never forget that it’s about being smarter, serving Value, without being aggressive or extra layered dominant to spread their message of impact.

The number game started getting dirty! And Ethics can only either be overestimated or underestimated, as it varies from one individual perception to another. It’s a Process and the journey. There are no shortcuts. No easy way. We cannot SKIP the PROCESS. We cannot buy relationships and Originality. Buying our way to the top will only bury our Digital Journey in the historical archives ready to shred in a snap-moment like it was never there.

The HIGH number game played through illegitimate methods and services cannot serve value on the table. You’ve got to URN it.

When those Numbers Matter?

Only Organically grown Numbers Matters. It’s not valuable or even ethical to mask oneself as influencers with high numbers driven through Illegitimate Services providing BOTS as FOLLOWERS. SUCH high numbers contain ZERO worth, as these are neither human beings nor people who actually use social media to get social. These FAKE FOLLOWERS are merely empty with no soul inside which are a part of an illegitimate strategy and method applied to win the number game.

“Surviving doesn’t mean Living”

BeingEMU - Founder & CEO, BIZBoost & BTweeps

Mohd Imran, Founder & CEO

Social Media Trends and Audiences

It’s nothing less than total overdose.

Trends never end on Social Media. We cannot just run everywhere and be anywhere. We always have a choice, and trust we can make a wise one together.

Do something new, something big, something creative, something awesome and something ORIGINAL. Built a community with your audience around it.

What is Ethical and Unethical really?

Back to the Basics


Featured Promotions

Plug into Networks and Audiences. Get Featured and Promoted by Collective Accounts. Increase your Reach and Visibility among different audiences. Wherever the featured promotions occur, If these audiences like it they might come check out your profile and possibly follow you.

Featured on Explorer and Hashtag Search Page

Here comes your Content Strategy, Originality, and the Hashtag Strategy. Strategic Automation!


Social Media Mafias

The Businesses of Manipulating Perceptions & Social Media Realities. Stay away from the ones who spoofed their way to the top with fake numbers, and built it into a business to scam around!

Number Game and Buying Fake Followers

It is Unethical if we play the number game to keep afloat and keep doing what we like to do. That’s Radical!!

The Temptation of Instant Gratification

We cannot desire to have it “now or never.” We have to put in the genuine dedication and work to get the benefits. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, consistency, precision and determination. Practicing Deception can’t and won’t be an ethical strategy and It’s not going to end well in the long run!

It’s not wise enough to spend the invaluable time into Tricking People and Audiences, Twisting Information, their Decisions, and penetrating the Systems to play the number game. It’s not the investment anyone would ever plan if we have a perception connected with long-term goals and the purpose. We recommend REDUCING the Inefficiency and this invaluable time can always be utilized for Building works of art, online or offline, on our happiness, or just living a real life!

The Temptation of Instant Gratification

The Ultimate Cure

Share your Ideas, Artwork, and your stream of thoughts on life and your ventures with the world. Unleash that Potential of generating a conversation Human to Human, to reflect your emotions, feelings, knowledge, expertise and make your dreams smarter.

It’s about strategy. The one built by yourself or through a professional, personalized just for you. If your published content didn’t manage to gather the expected numbers then you do not need to feel sad, broken, or the urge to just give up. Instead, Work on it. Get through the process. Optimize your strategy. These numbers do not authenticate or approve your Originality, your work or it’s worth. It’s how these social media systems are built up. If you plan to make them work for you, you’ve to get your “Personalization” game stronger, for your own sake and your audiences. Take care of your Audiences, and they will take care of you.

We cannot blame the scenarios, circumstances, social media or even their algorithms. Instead, We can always reflect, track, observe and analyze genuinely to come up smarter and stronger with every step taken forward.

“Be Consciously aware, Observe and Analyze What’s Happening, and What’s Next. Insta-fame is just a mirage.”

Good Or Evil?

There is no Good or Evil. It’s only expressions of power. We can always keep playing clean being consciously aware and self-motivated with the facts that we can still do our best to make Our Online Presence all about our stories, art, Audiences, fans, creativity, Impact and WHY behind it.

Eventually, we have to go back to basics if we need to move forward with something. Baby Step ahead to Master the PROCESS with Efficiency!!!

We do not worry about the numbers. Instead, We focus on the quality of the people we interact with. The people and audiences with similar interests, admiration for each other’s work, motivating each other’s motivation and inspiring each other.

Good Or Evil?

BOTS and Automation

There is a thin line of control between utilizing a BOT for Automation on Purpose and abusing the power of Automation.

Humans being human act like BOTS. Dominating numbers, faking Authenticity, breaking Social, their products, brand, and business. We have the right to choose not to be a part of it. We all know it in the back of our heads. Choose Wisely!


There is a sea of such services out there. You’ve got to run many tests over this. And you must Enlighten yourself that there is a thing like Purpose over Popularity. You can always go on and penetrate the social networking systems, their algorithms and search engines through Strategic Automation over In-Post likes and retweets to be Trending in TOP Posts Timelines and reach out smarter. But Hold on, Mark that you MUST have a Strategy if you don’t want to break stuff. It’s a sensitive matter. If the Platform catches you through THEIR own Automated BOT Network of SPAM Monitoring and Security, you’re TOAST AS GOAT.

“The gamified Number game system can drive your life, or you can back off and not take it all so seriously.”

Piece of Advice

Take a Deep Breath. Breathe in, Breath out! The Online Sphere is a reflection of the Offline Sphere. Word of mouth, human to human interactions, relationships, kindness, business, which all goes down here too in sync with Offline madness. Our Audiences are Human beings. We must treat them like one. No shady stuff, No BS!! As Simple as that.


This Publication is Neither Inspired Nor Influenced by the Netflix Documentary: The Social Dilemma. This Meaningful Piece was ORIGINALLY CREATED on 1 Oct 2017 0733pm IST


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