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Meta updated its “Made with AI” labels to “AI Info”

Jul 3, 2024 | News | 0 comments


After several complaints, Meta has replaced the “Made with AI” label on Facebook and Instagram with “AI info.

Meta Update: The popularity of artificial intelligence has propelled tech giants to constantly adapt, update, and modify their features, mechanisms, and names. Meta has updated the way it labels AI-generated images across Instagram and Facebook. The company stated that an “AI info” label has replaced the previous “Made with AI” label.

According to sources, this is in response to numerous users’ complaints that the social media giant was labeling actual photos for which they had used some essential editing tools. Considering the concerns of Meta users, the company has now updated it to the ‘AI info’ tag across all of Meta’s apps.

In an April blog update, Meta stated, “Earlier this year, we announced a new approach for labeling AI-generated content. An important part of this approach relies on industry-standard indicators that other companies include in content created using their tools, which help us assess whether something is created using AI.”

It added, “Like others across the industry, we’ve found that our labels based on these indicators weren’t always aligned with people’s expectations and didn’t always provide enough context.”

The company afterwards gave an example of how some content, such as the retouching tools, that had undergone minor AI adjustments featured industry-standard markers that were subsequently labeled as “Made with AI.”

According to reports, the new label will apply to a broader range of audio, video, and image content when it recognizes industry-standard AI image markers and when users reveal they share AI-generated content on social media sites.

“While we work with companies across the industry to improve the process so our labeling approach better matches our intent, we’re updating the ‘Made with AI’ label to ‘AI info’ across our apps, which people can click for more information,” Meta stated.

However, according to the reports, the new ‘AI info’ label will be clickable, in contrast to the static one, giving users additional information about the content.

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