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The Bachelor Season 28 Premiere: Rollercoaster Of Emotions And Twists

Jan 23, 2024 | News | 0 comments


On January 22, 2024, The Bachelor made its highly anticipated return with a brand new season and a familiar face. In an episode full of emotional moments, surprise kisses, and shocking disclosures, viewers were reintroduced to Joey Graziadei, best known for his stint on Charity Lawson’s The Bachelorette.

The latest episode of The Bachelor had Joey breaking down in tears on the beach, a common occurrence on the show. He greeted the contestants and shared that he believed being on the show was the best decision of his life. He also expressed his hope that his future fiancée was among them.

The Bachelor Season 28 Takes Unexpected Turns

The introduction of Lea, a participant from The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose, added an intriguing element. Having received a rose during her previous appearance, Lea could only open it in the Season 28 premiere. Joey teased his curiosity about its contents, leaving viewers eager for the revelation.

The episode took an unexpected turn when Jess became the first contestant of Season 28 premiere to share a kiss with Joey. However, this revelation sparked tension among the other contestants, who deemed it disrespectful. Madina disapproved, stating,

“I don’t know how you didn’t read the room.”

Joey’s Love Journey Takes An Unforeseen Turn

Joey’s romantic encounters continued as he shared kisses with Daisy, Lea, Allison, and Taylor. A moment between Joey and Taylor has turned into an argument when Jess interrupts, adding a layer of drama to the unfolding love story. Two sisters, Allison and Lauren Hollinger, entered the villa, revealing their secret bond. While some cast members found it “weird,” Joey appreciated their decision to participate in The Bachelor Nation show together. However, their plans hit a snag when Allison interrupted her sister’s date with Joey, leading to an unexpected twist.

Stage For Season 28 Drama And Romance!

In a surprising twist, Lea received an advantage: the power to steal a one-on-one date before Hometown Week. Despite concerns about the potential backlash, Lea decided to destroy the advantage card. While she lost the advantage, her bold move won her the first impression.

The Rose Ceremony brought its share of anticipation and relief as 20 contestants, including Allison, Daisy, Kelsey, Lexi, and others, received roses, signaling their progression in the journey to win Joey’s heart.

The Bachelor Season 28 has set the stage for a season filled with love, drama, and unexpected turns, promising viewers an engaging ride as they follow Joey’s quest for love.

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