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Unveiling the Untold Legacy: An Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker & Producer Justin O. Cooper

May 2, 2024 | Interviews, News | 0 comments


The Filmmaker & Producer of the upcoming documentary “PAN-AM: THE UNTOLD LEGACY OF CIRILO MCSWEEN”, Justin O. Cooper at BIZBoost Talks

01 May 2024: In the vast world of filmmaking, there are stories that not only captivate but also illuminate the hidden gems of history, society, and human resilience. Justin O Cooper’s upcoming debut feature, “PAN-AM: The Untold Legacy of Cirilo McSween,” promises to be one such narrative masterpiece. In an exclusive interview with BIZBoost Creator Mohammad Imran, Cooper shared insights into the inspiration behind the documentary, his creative journey, uncovering the remarkable stories of the entertainment industry, and much more.

More About Justin O. Cooper?

Justin O. Cooper is an influential figure in the entertainment industry, skillfully merging his passion for global culture with an extensive career across film, television, music, and marketing communications. As the visionary founder and CEO of JOCMedia & Entertainment, LLC, Cooper has elevated the company to premier status in the creative services sector, renowned for its innovative marketing solutions and exceptional film-TV production quality. Before moving ahead, look at the idea behind PAN: AM Documentary.

About the upcoming debut feature, “PAN-AM: The Untold Legacy of Cirilo McSween,”


In the interview, Mr. Cooper revealed that “PAN-AM was like a little Sparkle of an idea in 2019 when I learned about Cirilo’s story and the longer I sat with it, I felt like why hasn’t anyone told this story before. The reason for working on this project is that I thought it was my job to do that. So I figured out how to take an idea that I have and bring it from the ideation stage into the plane of reality by doing the work to believe that I could do it and then finding Partners like Britney and being able to articulate and convey this is what I’m thinking about doing.”

Interview Summary:

BIZBoost Galaxy Creator, Mr. Mohd Imran, welcomes the Filmmaker, Producer, Editor, and head of JOCMedia & Entertainment, LLC, Justin O. Cooper, at its Live Talks. We are attaching the summary of the conversation between Mr. Imran and the famous Filmmaker Justin O. Cooper.

On asking about what inspired Mr. Cooper for his upcoming debut feature, “PAN-AM: The Untold Legacy of Cirilo McSween, “documentary, he said his journey into the world of Cirilo McSween began during his consulting work for New York Life Insurance. Learning about McSween, the first African-American hired by the company in 1957, ignited Cooper’s passion for storytelling.

Beyond breaking racial barriers, McSween’s involvement in the civil rights movement and his transformative journey from poverty in Panama to entrepreneurship in Chicago greatly fascinated him. He saw in McSween’s life a profound narrative of resilience and triumph, compelling him to delve deeper into this untold legacy.

Finally, he took Cirilo’s life story as his other project and began working on it.

A Journey of Vision and Resilience

Reflecting on his own path, Justin shared insights into his upbringing in rural South Carolina and the pivotal role of his parents in fostering his adventurous spirit. He mentioned how his life was so related to Cirilo.

He stated, “When I Came Upon Cirilo’s story for PAN: AM, it was a story that I could relate to because, like Cirilo, I came from very humble beginnings and had the initiative or the desire to move. Beyond what I also want to convey in the film is that it doesn’t matter where you start; what matters is where you’re going and where you’re going to end up.”

During the interview, Cooper also emphasized his career journey from humble beginnings to jet-setting between Panama and Los Angeles. He said, “I always dreamed a big I’m I. I have always been a visionary and very imaginative person. I knew I would go far, much farther than where I started. And yeah, I never would have thought I would have been here 20 years ago. Yet, I achieved it from impoverished beginnings to become a symbol of hope and progress!”

Balancing Multiple Roles

As a multifaceted creative powerhouse, Cooper wears many hats in the entertainment industry, from film producer to editor and journalist. Drawing parallels to his upbringing on a family farm, Cooper credited his diverse skill set to early lessons in adaptability and cross-training.

Cooper said, “Everything we do is like connecting the dots, um, all those jobs I mentioned, from farm work to serving as an assistant to my father and uncle and working at even KFC. I can apply those early life lessons to the work that I do with all the job titles that you say I’m doing. I don’t lose my mind because my parents have taught me structure, like there are many things to do, and there’s never a day where I say there’s nothing to do. Also, I am still in my mind as I am very well-organized, so I use calendars and write things down. Every day, I have the opportunity to be creative, which drives my passion.”

He stressed the importance of organization, deadlines, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in managing various projects seamlessly.

As a filmmaker, blooper moments on set

While the glamor of filmmaking often takes center stage, Cooper candidly shared moments of on-set mishaps and challenges. From impromptu location scouting in Chicago to navigating unexpected obstacles, Cooper highlighted the unpredictable nature of independent filmmaking. Despite the hurdles, these experiences add depth to the creative process and underscore the importance of adaptability and problem-solving.

Experience with “Brittany DeVries” and “Seedling Media Productions”


Collaborating with Brittany DeVries and Seedling Media Productions on “PAN-AM” has been a transformative experience for Cooper. He recounted the moment that led to their partnership and highlighted DeVries’ invaluable contributions to the project.

He mentioned, “Brittany DeVries really uh understands my vision for the project, and it’s always great when you’re able to align yourself with people who understand you as a person, and they understand where you’re trying to go with an idea so having great people on your team like Britney makes a world of difference um so we’re in the process we just rolled out uh earlier at the end of quarter one.”

Further, he said they navigate the complexities of fundraising and storytelling together, driven by a shared vision to amplify McSween’s legacy.

Words of Wisdom for Emerging Creators

In closing, Cooper offered sage advice for emerging producers and filmmakers. He spoke of the transformative power of travel and cultural immersion in expanding one’s creative horizons and asked viewers never to stop learning.

Cooper said, “The importance of humility and a willingness to seek guidance from mentors and peers. By embracing diversity and continual willingness to seek guidance and growth, aspiring creators can make their own path to success.”

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