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Tameka Citchen Spruce: Cinematic Resonance – “My Girl Story”

Aug 7, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


On a mission to advocate, educate and tell stories about race, gender or disability in thought-provoking and engaging ways.

Cinema has long held a mirror up to society, reflecting its most intimate moments, its challenges, and its triumphs. Few films capture these intricacies as deftly as “My Girl Story” directed by the remarkable Tameka Citchen Spruce.

A Dive into Detroit’s Heart

It’s not just another film; it’s an eight-year-long labor of love. This documentary reveals:

  • The turbulent life paths of two inner-city Black girls, Monay and Shokana.
  • Their navigation through the maze of adolescence in Detroit’s concrete jungles.

Tameka Citchen Spruce: Beyond the Director’s Chair

Spruce isn’t just a filmmaker; she’s an inspiration:

  • A fierce disability rights advocate.
  • The heartbeat behind Be Influential Films.
  • An Oakland University alumna who never let her physical disabilities deter her dreams.
  • A voice for the voiceless, resonating with authenticity and grit.

Little Tameka

Unsettling Realities Unraveled

“My Girl Story” isn’t just about the tales of two girls; it’s about every Black girl facing adversities in inner cities:

  • Bullying and violence that shadow their everyday lives.
  • An alarming 80% of Black teen girls fearing the very thought of school.
  • The cry for understanding and intervention, echoed through Spruce’s lens.

As the world finds its way out of a pandemic’s grip, isn’t it time we address these social dilemmas too?

Film Festivals & Commendations

The film’s brilliance hasn’t gone unnoticed:

  • Celebrated and lauded on the festival circuit.
  • The bond between Monay and Shokana tugging at heartstrings universally.
  • Detroit’s community activists and parents rallying behind its message.

Spruce’s Endeavors: More than Just Filmmaking

  • Co-Director of LEAD – empowering BIPOC individuals with disabilities.
  • Advocating for criminal justice reform via Warriors on Wheels of Metro Detroit.

Streaming Success & What to Expect

As the film graces platforms like Tubi and Amazon Prime, it offers:

  • A deep dive into the essence of humanity.
  • An invitation to challenge societal norms.
  • A testament to resilience, struggles, and victories of Monay and Shokana.
  • A call for empathy and understanding.

Narratives that Matter

Through “My Girl Story”, Spruce does more than just tell a story:

  • She pushes the narrative of empowerment.
  • Reminds viewers of human resilience.
  • Advocates for empathy and societal understanding.

Remember, in Spruce’s own profound words, “God has a purpose for your life.”


In the vast canvas of cinema, very few manage to etch a mark as deeply as Tameka Citchen Spruce’s “My Girl Story.” It’s not just a film but a movement, a conversation starter, and a mirror held up to society’s face, urging introspection. As you embark on this cinematic journey, remember the power of resilience, storytelling, and positive change.


  1. Who is the director of “My Girl Story”?
    • Tameka Citchen Spruce.
  2. How long did it take to create the documentary?
    • Eight years.
  3. Where can one watch “My Girl Story”?
    • It’s available on Tubi and Amazon Prime.
  4. What’s the central theme of the film?
    • The adversities faced by Black girls in inner cities, focusing on Monay and Shokana.
  5. Is Tameka Citchen Spruce involved in other advocacy programs?
    • Yes, she’s associated with LEAD and Warriors on Wheels of Metro Detroit.
  6. Has the film received any accolades?
    • It has garnered significant praise on the film festival circuit.
  7. Why is the film considered essential viewing?
    • It offers a raw, unfiltered look at societal issues like bullying and violence, urging awareness and change.
  8. What’s the most potent message of “My Girl Story”?
    • The pressing need for empathy, understanding, and societal change, reflected through the narratives of its protagonists.

If you want to learn more go to www.tamekacitchenspruce.com

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