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Inside “A King’s Path”: Haywood Donerson, III’s Remarkable Journey to Success – An In-Depth Interview

Jul 20, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


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Haywood Donerson, III is a multi-talented individual who has captured the hearts and minds of readers. Hailing from the vibrant city of Washington, DC, Haywood recently released his highly-anticipated new book, “A King’s Path: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph Along the Way.” This captivating memoir takes us on a poignant journey through Haywood’s life, encompassing both challenges and moments of triumph.

Throughout his impressive career, Haywood has made a lasting impact on the music and entertainment industry through various roles and contributions. From his dedicated position as a communications specialist and advisor for Ward 8 DC City Council Member Trayon White’s campaign to his invaluable contributions as a key member of Sugar Bear’s management team, Haywood’s diverse experiences have shaped his unique perspective on life. These roles represent just a few examples of his involvement in the vibrant world of music and entertainment. Now, Haywood is excited to embark on a new endeavor, leaving an indelible imprint on the realm of literature.

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Haywood, where we delved into his incredible journey towards writing this book. We talked about the challenges he faced and the triumphs he experienced. Read on for more…

Can you tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it, and what is the central theme or message you wanted to convey?

Haywood: My book is a loosely based story on my life, originating from DC, where I embarked on a journey of starting a band before venturing out to Los Angeles. It was there that we serendipitously found ourselves discovered on the streets of Hollywood. However, life took an unexpected turn when my son was diagnosed with a disability, leading me to make the difficult decision to give up my dreams. Alongside my esteemed co-author, Mr. Marvin Bryson, I was inspired to pen this book during the pandemic in 2020. The central theme and message I aim to convey is that despite the trials we may encounter, it is crucial to persevere, as challenging times are not everlasting. You might be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of prosperity waiting on the other side.

How did you approach the writing process for this book? Did you follow a specific routine or employ any unique techniques to enhance your creativity?

Haywood: I worked closely with my co-author, meeting with him every week, answering questions about my life, and receiving homework assignments to provide my personal perspective on what happened in certain situations as we put the story together.

What challenges did you face while writing this book, and how did you overcome them? Were there any unexpected surprises or difficulties along the way?

Haywood: My biggest challenge was finding the right approach to crafting my life story in an intriguing, enjoyable, and reader-friendly manner while ensuring the privacy of my friends and family. Having spent the past 20 years working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, stepping back into the spotlight required some deep introspection and soul searching.

Could you share some insights into the characters explored in your book? What aspects of the journeys or experiences do you find most compelling?

Haywood: The characters in my book are loosely based on my family members and the meaningful relationships I have cultivated over the years. The story revolves around Marcus “Smacky” Gregory, a young, talented, and driven musician who is striving to find his place in a challenging world. Additionally, the narrative focuses on Francine and Xavier Gregory, Marcus’ parents, providing readers with insight into why he makes certain decisions later in life. One of the most captivating moments in the story occurs when Marcus and his band, Hard-Az-Steel, take a daring leap of faith by packing their belongings and embarking on a journey to Los Angeles in pursuit of a record deal.

Who do you believe will resonate with your book the most, and why?

Haywood: I truly believe that anyone working in the entertainment industry or behind the scenes in any company will find a connection with this book. Additionally, I think that young parents can relate to the challenges of parenting and juggling numerous responsibilities at a young age. Musicians, especially those who have experienced the shared journey of “garage band” musicians striving for stardom, will also find resonance in the experiences portrayed. Furthermore, enthusiasts of Go-Go music will delight in the references to the era when Go-Go dominated the DC music landscape. Lastly, I believe my work will strike a chord with individuals who grew up in and around DC during the late 80s and early 90s, a time marked by the crack epidemic. In fact, I dedicate this book to all those who work behind the scenes, playing a part in making our world a better place.

Were there any books, authors, or works of literature that inspired you during the writing process? If so, how did they impact your own writing style or storytelling choices?

Haywood: As someone who has read countless books, some as thick as the Bible, I found inspiration in the writings of authors such as James Baldwin, Terry McMillan, Ron Chernow, Langston Hughes, among others. Their impact on my writing style stems from the way they told stories that truly immersed readers, making them feel like they were living through the experiences within the book. I aimed to create the same level of engagement in my own storytelling, pulling readers in and allowing them to connect with the narrative.

What do you hope readers will take away from your book? Are there any specific emotions, thoughts, or discussions you aim to evoke or initiate through your storytelling?

Haywood: I hope that when readers finish the book, they feel a strong connection with the characters and perhaps even shed a tear or two. Marcus faces some of the toughest decisions a young person can make about family, career, and life in general, and I want readers to be able to empathize with him. My intention is to evoke genuine emotional responses and spark meaningful discussions about the complexities of these universal struggles.

Now that your book is published, what are your future plans as an author?

Haywood: As a published author, I aim to broaden my brand and venture into the realm of public speaking. Through sharing my real-life story, I hope to offer encouragement to others who may be facing challenges similar to what I experienced when my son was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Are there any upcoming projects or ideas you’re excited about exploring?

Haywood: I’m excited about my upcoming project in collaboration with my co-author. We have already finalized the book title and topic, which will delve into the lived experiences of Generation X-ray.

Finally, how, and where can people purchase your book?

Haywood: You can purchase my book at: www.hd3global.com

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