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Embark on a Literary Odyssey: Chosen Pen Publishing Writers Retreat 2024

Dec 11, 2023 | News | 0 comments



📚✨ Unlock Your Imagination in Charleston, SC! ✨📚

Hey fellow wordsmiths! Get ready to immerse yourself in a writer’s paradise at the Chosen Pen Publishing Writers Retreat 2024, where the magic of storytelling meets the charm of Charleston, South Carolina. From February 22nd to 25th, 2024, let your creativity soar in a haven designed just for you!

Dr. Norma Mclauchlin, the Creator of Chosen Pen Publishing

Journey Highlights

🌟 Dates to Remember:
Picture this: an enchanting evening kick-off on Thursday, February 22nd, leading to a grand finale at noon on Sunday, February 25th. Four days of pure literary bliss await!

🍽️ Feast for the Soul:

While your $500 registration fee treats you to the wisdom of Chosen Pen Publishing, we believe in letting your taste buds roam free. Explore local culinary delights; we’ve curated a list of must-try eateries to fuel your writing adventures.

🏡 Lodging Loveliness:

Your comfort is our priority, but alas, it’s not included in the registration fee. Fear not, though! We’ve secured a block of discounted hotel rooms. Once you’re in, we’ll guide you to your home away from home.

The Finer Details

🛌 Bespoke Comfort:

Unique needs? Shoot us an email at [email protected]. We’re here to make sure your retreat experience is as tailor-made as your favorite writing spot.

💰 Registration Revelation:

Your $500 registration fee is the golden ticket to the soul-stirring sessions by Chosen Pen Publishing. Note: it won’t cover your meals, activities, or stay. And yes, there’s a small, necessary merchant convenience fee during payment—think of it as a VIP pass for your words.

“Forgiveness is the key to progress and unity,” remarked Dr. McLauchlin during her address. “It is through forgiveness that we can build bridges and create a better future for all.”

🏨 Booking Brilliance:

Securing your spot is a breeze. Once you sprinkle a $500 deposit, an email fairy will guide you to your literary lair. SIGN UP HERE 🎁

💡 The Nitty-Gritty:

Thinking of a last-minute entrance? Sorry, sunshine. Online registration is your gateway to this literary wonderland. Hurry, spots are as rare as a muse on a Monday morning!

🎭 Refund Realities:

Life throws curveballs, we get it. Unfortunately, refunds are like unicorns—magical but elusive. Once you commit, the adventure unfolds!

Your Next Chapter Awaits:

1. 💸 Dive into the literary abyss with a $500 deposit.
2. 📧 Anticipate an email guiding you to your haven.
3. 📞 Need a literary lifeline? Reach out to TEW Experience at [email protected].

Ready to breathe life into your words, forge friendships, and elevate your craft? The Chosen Pen Publishing Writers Retreat 2024 is calling—Charleston beckons, and your story is about to unfold! 🚀📖✨

SIGN UP for the EventHERE 🎁

About Chosen Pen Publishing

Chosen Pen Publishing is a leading literary powerhouse dedicated to nurturing authors and their stories. With a decade of experience, they believe that every author has a unique tale to tell, and they provide comprehensive support from idea to publication. Chosen Pen Publishing is committed to producing high-quality, captivating, and entertaining books that resonate with readers worldwide.

GET THE BOOK: The Forgiveness Game

RECAP ⏮️⏮️

The Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration was a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the importance of forgiveness in our lives. Read Event Highlights!

Connect & Follow

Stay connected, with Chosen Pen Publishing, Visit ChosePen.com and follow them on social media Instagram @ChosenPenPublishing.

As we celebrate Chosen Pen’s Success Stories, let us all embrace the power of storytelling, forgiveness, and personal empowerment, knowing that the best stories are yet to be written.

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