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Chopping it up with “What’s Brewing Sis?” Podcast

Sep 28, 2022 | News | 0 comments


“A podcast is a great way to develop relationships with hard to reach people”-Tim Paige

What’s Brewing Sis? Podcast is the brainchild of three women who met over thirty-five years ago in the small town of Maywood, right outside of Chicago, Illinois.

This friendship began at six years old and thirty-five years later it is stronger than ever. This beautiful connection has many stories to tell and an overflow of laugher until you cry to give. Often asked “How has the friendship lasted so long?” The simple answer is lots of love, hard talks, laughter, cries, and sisterhood.

When the pandemic hit, and meeting in person was no longer an option, late night phone calls became the remedy to keep the bond and laughs going. These calls allowed Bianca Smith, Deonna Wardlow & Shelly LaRue to let loose and discuss topics like generational wealth, parenting, women’s health, self-care, going into business together and so much more. A hot topic discussed often was change. This meant changing the narrative of what it means to be three Black women from Maywood, IL. On June 2nd, 2022, the ladies birthed What’s Brewing Sis? podcast.

What’s Brewing Sis? podcast began not only to highlight their business, Café Coco Latte, but it also became a vehicle to highlight other small business owners and discuss lifestyle topics that are important to their community. With the podcast being in rotation only a brief time, collectively their videos have been viewed over 4,000 times and growing at a great pace! The Podcast has hit YouTube and the airwaves of Spotify and Apple Podcast. Viewers of the podcast have gone from followers to extended family called, “The Brew Crew”, who acts as the fourth friend to provide honest feedback questions, and laughter. Always open to bring in captivating guests, the podcast has also had several community leaders and entrepreneurs on to discuss topics that bring their community together.

With a commitment and passion that leads to success, What’s Brewing Sis? podcast will continue to grow and exceed all boundaries to change the narrative.

Bianca Smith is a dedicated mother and business owner whose passion for entrepreneurship fuels her daily. Along with being a mom and business owner, Bianca is proudly pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. Treating people with kindness and equality in the workplace is what prompted Bianca’s return to higher education to pursue her degree. As part owner of Café Coco Latte and What’s Brewing Sis? podcast, along with friends Deonna and Shelly, Bianca’s mission is to inspire other women of color to create generational wealth and pursue their dreams at any age.

Deonna Wardlow is a dynamic wife, mother, and business owner whose passion runs deep for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Deonna has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and currently sits on multiple committees in her workplace to ensure the inclusion initiatives include folks that look like her. She strongly believes in volunteerism and mentorship and proudly serves as a board member of the I Am Abel Foundation and as a career coach for the Posse Foundation. As part owner of Café Coco Latte and What’s Brewing Sis? podcast, along with friends Bianca and Shelly, Deonna’s mission is to be the change agent and influence other women of color to claim their seats at the table, respectfully.

Shelly LaRue is a mother, driven business owner, and graphic designer whose passion is creativity and design & marketing. Shelly earned a degree in Web Graphic Design and has proven excellence in sales and marketing before executing her calling for entrepreneurship. She believes strongly that small businesses can move mountains and catapult their communities. As part owner of Café Coco Latte and What’s Brewing Sis? podcast, along with friends Bianca and Deonna, Shelly’s mission is to grow the Café Coco Latte and What’s Brewing Sis? podcast brand to extraordinary heights.


What’s Brewing Sis? Podcast goes LIVE every Thursday at 7pm-CST on YouTube. They have amassed over 300 subscribers and thousands of viewers.

The show discusses great topics, such as: Black Women in Therapy, Black People in Business, Friendship Goals, Marriage and Love. They also enjoy delving into current hot topics that are in the media. What’s Brewing Sis? Podcast often have guests on to talk about their expertise in various fields. This Thursday, they have some major news to share with their audience, so make sure to tune in at https://youtube.com/channel/UC1gCIt7GjNw2WUsen5gbrQg

To learn more about What’s Brewing Sis? Podcast visit:

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