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Evolutionary with Arait Justice Media Group & Madame Butterfli

Sep 24, 2022 | News | 0 comments


Evolutionary is a short film directed and produced by Arait Justice Media Group LLC. Arait Justice Media Group LLC is a book publishing company owned by Elizabeth Roberts.

Once starting her book publishing company Elizabeth decided to make films to pair along with the books she published. When Madame Butterfli approached Elizabeth about doing a short film for her book Evolutionary, Elizabeth knew this film could make an impact in the film industry.

This short film depicts the romantic relationship between an entrepreneur and a corporate worker as they go through struggles understanding each other’s professions and goals.

Many viewers admire the film because it is relatable to many couples who deal with this dynamic and may struggle with understanding each other’s futures and plans.

This is a topic that is not often talked about but is very relevant in relationships today especially since technology continues to elevate annually and people are now choosing unconventional career paths. On one hand, there are the people who can relate to sacrificing their traditional beliefs and finances for their significant other in order to help their dreams come true. On the other hand, there is the entrepreneur who doesn’t want to work in the corporate world and deals with trials and tribulations financially but also wants to secure a future for themselves and their family.

In the film, Lyric (Brittani Aiken) is a young poet living in Atlanta, Ga. She meets Justin (Darnell L. James), a handsome and charming attorney. Just when Lyric begins to fall in love, she’s blindsided by Justin and all of her dreams and plans are at risk. Since the film dropped earlier in 2022, Evolutionary has been accepted into many film festivals and continues to make an impact in the short film community.

The film is available to watch now on YouTube under ‘The Arait Justice Show.”

Book description from the author Madame Butterfli

“Evolutionary: Poetry for the Soul Volume 3” is all about becoming the person that you were created to be. We all adapt to the beliefs of the society that we live in. Over time, society changes us. Evolutionary was written as I transformed from what I once was to what I had become.

Click here to Purchase your paperback copy today:

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Evolutionary was shot and edited by: Braedon Jenkins (Instagram @Xlensproductions)

Produced, Directed, and Casted by: Elizabeth Roberts, owner of Arait Justice Media Group LLC (Instagram @Arait_Justice)

Sound by: Joshua Chaney (Instagram @Jermainetheprince)

Music by: The illeaglez (Instagram @illeaglesounds)


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