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Why Has Elon Musk Asked “OpenAI” To Change Their Name To “ClosedAI”?

Mar 7, 2024 | News | 0 comments


The foundation of Generative AI says they will take steps to dismiss Elon Musk’s claim about our mission breach.

You might have seen Elon Musk‘s tweet on his official X handle, where he posted Sam Altman’s picture captioned “Closed AI.” The post went viral on all social sites. Let us quickly inform you of the story behind it.

First, you see Elon’s tweet:

Billionaire Elon Musk has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, and its CEO, Sam Altman. He claims they breached contractual agreements made when he was involved in the startup in 2015. He alleged that by prioritising profit over benefiting society, they betrayed the mission of the artificial intelligence startup.

Elon Musk’s attorneys stated in the lawsuit that the Microsoft-backed business’s focus on making money violated that contract.

On Wednesday, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla commented on the tweet of OpenAI that if OpenAI agrees to rename itself “ClosedAI,” he will withdraw the lawsuit against the company. In a post, he further writes, “OpenAI needs to stop living a lie.”

OpenAI’s tweet

Elon’s comments

The story began earlier:

The tech industry was going smoothly until rumors started spreading that Sam Altman had been fired from OpenAI in November 2023. The former CEO of the artificial intelligence startup left the company soon after, and the board of directors of OpenAI stated in a statement that it no longer trusted Altman to run the business. Nothing of the kind was anticipated, so this came as a total surprise. According to a Bloomberg report, Sam was similarly taken aback by the news of his departure.

Many industry giants reacted to Altman’s departure, including Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella and X founder Elon Musk. Musk questions Open AI’s steps and asks them to express the reason for this big move to the public, saying there must be something behind the curtain. Not only this, but Elon also tweeted previously.

It is expected that Elon’s recent tweet on “Closed AI” is to satirize the OpenAI company, where he added Sam Altman’s edited picture with the words “ClosedAI” alongside OpenAI’s logo. You must be curious about why Elon Musk is so interested in this matter. Let’s discover the facts.

Elon Musk and Sam Altman:

If you are not aware, Elon Musk was also one of the founding members of OpenAI in 2015. According to reports, in 2018, the world’s richest man gave up all his interests and left the OpenAI team. There has also been repeated discussion of Musk’s reasoning for leaving OpenAI. Although some attribute Musk’s departure to a conflict of interest, others argue that the tech tycoon desired complete control over the company, and Altman and other board members objected.

During an August interview with The New Yorker, Sam Altman discussed Musk’s exit from OpenAI and described it as “difficult.” As he had to “reorient his life and time to ensure that the company had enough funding,” Altman stated that Musk’s departure from the company was extremely difficult for him. Although later on, Sam Altman rejoins the OpenAI.

OpenAI stated

Elon Musk’s intention to acquire OpenAI and combine it with Tesla is the primary source of contention in the ongoing controversies. In a blog post published on Wednesday, OpenAI made this claim in collaboration with CEO Sam Altman and other important company executive team members. The article presents Open AI’s version of events following Musk’s lawsuit against Altman and the business that created ChatGPT, alleging that they violated the company’s original objectives. The lawsuit claimed that OpenAI is no longer striving “to develop artificial general intelligence (AGI) for the benefit of humanity” and that OpenAI will try to dismiss it. Instead, the mission of Open AI is “to personally benefit the largest technology company in the world and the individual defendants.”

As per OpenAI, Elon wanted to be the CEO, have majority ownership, and have first control over the board. “We couldn’t agree to terms on a for-profit with Elon because we felt it was against the mission for any individual to have absolute control over OpenAI.”

The founders of OpenAI objected to Musk’s other suggestion of combining OpenAI with Tesla. Musk eventually quit, declaring that there was “zero chance” that the business would succeed. He promised to create a rival within Tesla, which he has subsequently done with xAI.

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