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A Dying Man’s Wish Was To Watch the Latest “Dune” Movie; Director Made It Happen

Mar 6, 2024 | News | 0 comments


A patient expressed his last wish to watch the second part of the Dune film, and its director made it possible two months before the movie’s release.

A middle-aged patient admitted to a palliative care hospital requested to see Dune’s second part, directed by Denis Villeneuve, before passing away. According to Global News, the Quebec filmmaker and his crew visited the patient to show him the movie. They made one last wish come true by letting him watch the film two months before its release and two days before the man died.

This is the story of a cinephile patient (name not disclosed) in the northern Quebec area of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. The patient told one of his caretakers, Josee Gagnon, that he loved movies and wished to see one before passing. When asked which movie, he mentioned “Dune’s second part.” Gagnon stated, “What can we do?” I asked, and my spouse reminded me I could achieve anything. Gagnon told Global News over the phone on Sunday, “So I posted on social media, and we were in contact with Villeneuve’s team within 12 hours.”

How has it worked?

Josee Gagnon’s post reached one of the directors,Sebastien Pilote, who is from the same region. Reading the post, he opened the way for her to connect with Villeneuvie’s team. Then, the director’s wife and producer, Tanya Lapointe, discussed the matter with Gagnon.

The team arranged for them to fly to the palliative care facility. “It was a race against time since we didn’t know if he would survive from day to day. It was his last few days, said Gagnon.

Once at the Maison de soins palliatifs du Saguenay, Villeneuvie’s assistant made everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement before instructing the patient to select a companion to view the film. He decided on a caregiver from the center.

“The assistant took away everyone’s phones and used the laptop to play the movie in his room for the two of them alone. We did not watch it. Gagnon stated,

“It was this really big deal.” “I was informed that not even the US President could view it before its release.”

Gagnon further said the assistant had an equally emotional and remarkable moment.

“It’s not every day you face someone’s death or someone at the end of life like that.”

As per the reports, the man was so happy and amazed that everyone came together to make it happen for him. “He was thrilled to see the continuation because he was already such a fan of the movie and the Dune universe.” The film lasts for three hours. Though he was not well enough to watch the entire movie, he was enthralled by what he saw. A few days later, the man passed away.

The entire thing took place in January, around a month and a half before the movie’s premiere (February 28.)

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