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Voice/Speech Lessons and Career Consultation with CRISTINA FONTANELLI

Aug 15, 2023 | Showcase | 0 comments


By Popular Demand

Voice / Speech Lessons and Career Consultation with Award-winning Singer/Award-Winning Actor/PBS-TV Host, CRISTINA FONTANELLI®

Call/text for more info: (917) 496-1335
or [email protected]

Available on Zoom

“Music Brings Light to the Soul.” – Cristina Fontanelli


“CRISTINA FONTANELLI” has been thrilling audiences across the globe with her “vocal genius” for many years. 19 years ago, Cristina had an inspiration to produce her first concert at the Merkin Concert Hall near Lincoln Center in New York City. She had a vision for an annual Italian Christmas concert to delight audiences of all ages that would create joyful family memories while preserving the great songs of Italy and Christmas and give youth performance opportunities. Thus, her charitable producing work began, developing into her own 501 c-3 launched in the year of Covid-19.

Read her Wiki.

19 Years of Preserving the Great songs of Italy while giving children/youth performance opportunities and raising funds for children’s causes..

“Cristina Fontanelli at Feinsteins at the Regency is like seeing a cross between Maria Callas and Ethel Merman. She has no equal.” – Forbes Magazine

The Cristina Fontanelli Foundation, Inc. “Putting smiles on kids’ and audiences’ faces for more than 18 years”

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Cristina Fontanelli, in her own words…

So many of you have asked if I teach. I have received many calls, emails, FB messages, letters and backstage notes from people requesting vocal and career advice and if i can meet with them to see howl can help them. I have decided that I must try to accommodate those of you who are interested. I have a wealth of knowledge to share from my many years performing on stage, on screen and radio, in addition to appearances in opera houses and concert stages of the world.

The Basis of all great singing and speech is breath support.

This is an area that many people do not understand. I spent many years trying to find the proper information and technique and I will be happy to share my knowledge with you. When I finally discovered how to support my voice properly on the breath, I was able to “soar” vocally with a freedom that only comes with this security. I am proud of the many reviews I have received reflecting the hard work and dedication that I have put into learning to be the best artist that I can be. I will share my knowledge with you and work hard to help you reach your potential too.

“Vocal genius” – The New York Sun

I will be pleased to work with Beginners, young and old alike.

As a test of my abilities as a teacher/coach, I had great success in getting people who felt they could not sing to sing on pitch, to increase their vocal range, to color their voices and phrase the music beautifully – they said it couldn’t be done – but we did it together with just a short period of dedicated study.

My early singing training included working with some of the greatest artists of all time (Franco Corelli and his wife, for example and one of the world’s leading voice teachers, Ruth Falcon) I have much to share about phrasing, microphone technique, confidence in public speaking and across the board media training – stage, film, TV and radio.

“Diva della Canzone” – American Oggi

My Past Training includes graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts: I am proud that my name is
included as one of their most notable alumni.

At the Academy, in addition to dramatic training, I received top training in stage elocution and film and television. My training at the Academy has served me well in performing on opera stages and all stages and on television and radio broadcasts, including my appearances on PBS-TV and CBS-TV, Bloomberg Radio, Sirius Satellite Radio, etc.

“Brilliant acting” — The Palm Beach Post


I can guide you in your singing, acting and media career, including advice re: PR and marketing. And I can help you remove the psychological blocks that are keeping you from becoming the best you can be. By having a strong technique, you remove the FEAR and DOUBT and your true artistic SOUL can shine through.

Call me at (917) 496-1335 or send me an email: [email protected]

“Fine, fine work from soprano Cristina Fontanelli as the stir—crazy Giorgetta” — The New York Times

I will be happy to discuss the possibility of working together. Music brings light to the soul. I wish you the best on your personal artistic journey.

Love, Cristina

[email protected]
(917) 496-1335

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