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How emerging Artist “Spike Nu” is making waves with a new sound

Feb 6, 2023 | Showcase | 1 comment



We Never know what other talent doors our passion will open until we unlock the door. This is the case for Rising Artist Spike Nu. Born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Maryland, Nu fell in-love with music at age 13, so much that he tough himself how to Play the keyboard and he became more active in the church music scene which lead him to be promoted to the music director, for his church.

While perfecting himself as a music director, Spike also picked up a passion for filmmaking. For the next several years, Spike transition from being a music director at church to a full-time filmmaker. He managed to work with with BET, Rick Ross, Coalition DJs, Whitley Agency, as well as directing Shot music Videos, editing and Storytelling for Spice Ent in ATL.

He has worked directly for Antwanette McLaughlin, creative director for Trap Museum.

However during the pandemic, Spike Nu started to drift back into his love for music and immersed himself into creating polarizing songs like NWO and Sneaky Link. This new sound is a combination of DC’s own GoGo music, old school soul, Hip-Hop, and RnB that meshes so well together to produce a harmonious sound.

His music got him performances at places like SXSW, Collation of music DJ summit, Ivy City and many more. In June 17, 2022, he finally released his long awaited debut project “Terminal B Gate 29,” which was well received and well loved by his fans.

Since his debut release, Spike Nu have not looked back and continue to make his mark as an artist while continuing to perform all over. He also has an upcoming show “Baggage Claim” next month March 4th at the famous Pearl Street Warehouse in Washington, DC.

With his creative music style, down to his music delivery and a passion to create new sounds with a combination different sounds, Spike Nu has proven himself as an artist we should be paying attention to this year.

Connect with Spike Nu

Web: Spikenu.com
Instagram @spike_nu

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    1. Lorenzo

      I was just see for his music and stumbled across this… great Read


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