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Change Agent T’Mil Curtis Releases New Book To Help Church Growth

Nov 17, 2023 | Showcase | 0 comments

Church Growth Through Digital Ministry

A Serial Entrepreneur

T’Mil Curtis, recently published her new book entitled Church Growth Through Digital Ministry. It provides a comprehensive guide for churches to grow using digital strategies. This is the first of several books rolling out this quarter and throughout 2024.

Church Growth Through Digital Ministry apple-converted-space covers the fundamentals, significance, and initial steps of digital ministry. It also touches on digital tools for evangelism and discipleship, as well as strategies for reaching people and growing your church.

“This book started as a handout created for a class at The Fuel Strategies Summit but quickly morphed into what I believe is strategy in motion for pastors and ministries,” states Curtis.

What makes T’Mil’s book special is its focus on church growth, digital ministry, and overlooked aspects of church operations. A catalyst for change, she is a skilled marketing strategist, author, content creator, digital distribution specialist, public speaker, blogger, a virtual operations trainer, and implements effective event productions and promotions.

Her ability to build industry relationships has contributed to her success. This has allowed T’Mil to establish a solid reputation and build trust with people of all walks.

By building strong industry relationships, she’s gained opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and increased visibility, establishing her reputation as ‘one to watch.

In a short time, her book is steadily being favored by several churches and ministries around the world.

However, she states, “Any pastor or church that isn’t serious about their digital presence has no real vision to me.”

With digital ministry, churches can go beyond boundaries and reach more people. Online platforms help churches reach a global audience and share their message, teachings, and worship experiences. This accessibility can attract new members and foster a sense of community among believers who may be dispersed.

The multi-talented entrepreneur says, “The Great Commission is to go into all the world, and we can’t do that in today’s time without using technology.” Some strategies she covers in the book include:

Creating a high-quality online experience.
Being active on social media.
Offering online events and classes.
Being innovative.

“By following these tips, you can help your virtual church or business thrive.”

Digital ministry helps churches connect with their congregations more consistently and interactively. It provides options for staying connected, like online Bible studies, virtual prayer groups, and other ways to engage with others, besides in-person gatherings. These digital platforms also allow churches to share resources, offer pastoral care, and provide support to their members.

Embracing both digital and in-person ministry helps churches serve spiritual needs more fully. This approach considers different circumstances and preferences and uses technology to connect the church community. T’Mil’s goal is to make it easy for pastors and ministries to enter the digital space for church growth.

“I believe I’ve accomplished that with this book.”

Church Growth Through Digital Ministry is available on Amazon and all platforms where books are sold. To learn more about T’Mil Curtis, please visit here.

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