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ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING: An Evening of Inspiration and Excellence

Apr 8, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Brought to you by Chosen Pen Publishing and New Life Church

North Carolina, US: Chosen Pen Publishing and New Life Church are presenting Peak Performance Production, “One Night With The King.” The core team is super excited to ask people to mark their calendars for Saturday, May 18th, 2024. The excellence of Peak Performance is something nobody would want to miss. This special event, “One Night With the King” is scheduled for 7:00 pm EST at New Life Family Center, 1420 Hoke Loop Road- Fayetteville, North Carolina, US.

A Peak Performance Production is brought to you by Chosen Pen Publishing and New Life Church. Look out here for the opportunities it holds for the attendees.

Glimpse of the Event

The one-night occasion is all set to celebrate excellence and serves to joy, inspire, and rejuvenate. This captivating event promises an unforgettable evening filled with musical performances and offers a powerful story of triumph and love.

It would be a perfect occasion entailed with theatrical and musical performances dedicated to all enthusiast communities.

More About The Event?

This theatrical and uplifting artistic representation of the story of Esther is one for the entire family and friends.

Venue: New Life Family Center, 1420 Hoke Loop Road- Fayetteville
Time: 7:00 pm EST
The doors will open at 6:30 PM
Concessions will be available

So, what are you waiting for, tie your shoelaces and get ready to explore an astounding evening!

Ticket Information:

This is a show you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Adult Ticket: $30 – Click Here
Child Ticket (10 and under): $15 – Click Here

Make sure the tickets are nonrefundable.*

Reserve your ticket and book your slot now, who knows what opportunities are waiting for you there?

This theatrical and musical performance is a perfect opportunity for your family and friends. The excellence of Peak Performance is one you do not want to miss.

Introducing “Chosen Pen Publishing”

Chosen Pen Publishing is one of the most renowned publishing firms. It provides a platform for emerging authors, writers, and readers to share a stage with a like-minded community.

What makes it unique is its commitment to nurturing and amplifying authors’ ink and voice. Chosen Pen Publishing’s primary vision is to assist authors in producing high-quality, engaging, and entertaining books.

The Publishing House believes that every author has a story to tell, so it collaborates with authors at the ground level to empower them to explore the art of writing and expressing themselves. It recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and invited authors and speakers from around the world to join and explore its visionary plans.

“Creator” of Chosen Pen Publishing

Chosen Pen Publishing is a decade-old, well-established company led by Dr. Norma McLauchlin, its CEO and founder. Take a moment to know that Dr. Norma McLauchlin:

She is a Forbes Author, TEDx Speaker, and Keynote Speaker. Besides that, she also served as the Chief Executive Officer at New Life Bible Church of America, INC. Dr. McLauchlin is an expert author advocate who continuously empowers authors by guiding them through exceptional book publishing strategies and services to help them succeed.

Today, Dr. Norma McLauchlin is no stranger to the need for forgiveness. Long before she became a pastor’s wife, she was the first female Black student to attend a formerly all-white school during the early days of desegregation.

The only way she found to endure each day without retaliating against the students and teachers who ridiculed, scorned, and spit at her was to forgive them and to focus on her mission of paving the way for future Black students to be able to sit alongside their white counterparts as equals.

At Chosen Pen Publishing, Dr. Norma comes up with various events to cover different categories of people with different insightful themes.

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