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Jan Lucanus: Steering the Future of Filmmaking Through “Innovative Fundraising” and “ReelwUrld”

Apr 4, 2024 | News | 0 comments


By Lisa Malcolm

In an age where technology and creativity intersect in ever-evolving ways, Jan Lucanus is not just riding the wave; he’s creating it. This world champion martial artist, comic book writer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur has embarked on a mission to redefine the superhero genre by grounding it in reality with his series Justice For Hire (JFH). Blending his diverse background into a single, groundbreaking vision, the award-winning, TikTok-viral JFH series allows for anyone to join the cast as their own character via their app and currently boasts one of the largest casts in the history of film & television.

But beyond Lucanus’s creative genius, it’s his unique approach to fundraising that’s capturing the imagination of a global audience.

Lucanus, a graduate of New York University’s Maurice Kanbar Institute for Film & Television, Tisch School of the Arts, could have easily settled into the traditional roles that his impressive pedigree affords. However, his entrepreneurial spirit led him down an uncharted path, giving birth to ReelwUrld, the first social network designed as a film studio that fits snugly in your pocket. This innovative platform transforms everyday users into stars, directors, and producers of their very own superhero sagas, starting with the app’s flagship series, Justice For Hire (JFH).

Jan Lucanus’s innovative approach to fundraising for ReelwUrld goes beyond traditional methods, incorporating a blend of creativity and community engagement that is as diverse as it is effective.

Driving a Lyft and Uber around Hollywood to promote ReelwUrld’s equity crowdfunding campaign, Lucanus turned each ride into a pitch meeting, resulting in new investors, new cast members (what ReelwUrld calls their app users), and new partnerships. These partnerships led to San Diego Comic-Con, where he and his team engaged the enthusiastic fan base with ”Popcorn & Equity” – giving away fresh popcorn from a cart while selling stock in their Wefunder campaign from an iPad, tapping into the comic and superhero culture that lies at the heart of ReelwUrld’s audience.

Furthermore, the ReelwUrld team showcased their commitment to inclusivity by pitching their project at a Pride Parade, engaging potential investors through impromptu interviews on the streets of Hollywood in a celebration of diversity. These varied efforts highlight Lucanus and his team’s dedication to their innovative platform, demonstrating their willingness to explore unconventional fundraising avenues to bring their vision of community-driven storytelling to life.

Currently, Lucanus and his team are in the midst of an ambitious campaign to raise one million dollars in 30 days through Wefunder, a popular crowdfunding platform. This effort isn’t just about securing financial resources; it’s about building a community of believers in the transformative power of participatory entertainment.

ReelwUrld is more than a platform; it’s a testament to the power of innovative thinking and community engagement. With a board of advisors that includes industry heavyweights like Jeff Gomez of Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars franchises, former NASDAQ COO Greg Lipper, and former FBI Negotiator, Chip Massey, ReelwUrld’s foundation is as solid as its vision is expansive.

Jan Lucanus’s approach to fundraising through direct engagement and community involvement highlights a key shift in how creative projects are realized in the digital age. It’s a model that not only seeks financial investment but also fosters a sense of ownership and participation among its supporters. Lucanus’s efforts around the country hosting content & character creation events (called “Hero Meetups”) are a metaphor for his larger journey— one that invites others to join him in steering the future of filmmaking.

This innovative blend of technology, storytelling, and grassroots fundraising is setting a new standard for what it means to be a creator in today’s world. Jan Lucanus is not just developing an app; he’s crafting a movement that empowers individuals to tell their stories, making the leap from passive consumers to active creators. His efforts to raise funds for ReelwUrld are as much about financing a project as they are about inspiring a community to dream bigger and dive into the exciting world of interactive storytelling.

As Lucanus continues to navigate the challenges and opportunities of his unique fundraising journey, one thing remains clear: the story of ReelwUrld and Justice For Hire is as much about the power of community and innovation as it is about the content it produces. In a world hungry for new narratives and ways to connect, Jan Lucanus is not just a filmmaker or an entrepreneur; he’s a visionary, driving us all toward a more participatory future in entertainment.

To connect with Jan Lucanus, follow him on his X, and LinkedIn. You may also check out all his work profile at Linktree.

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