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Meet Hip Hop’s Son: Michael Seuss

Jan 31, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments



● Emcee | Hip Hop | Artist & Songwriter 🎵
● “8 Wingz” the debut album (The singles “Ashes”, “Beholder”, “The Nastiest”.)
● The Nastiest music video coming soon.
● Ashes and Beholder Music Video out now.

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Michael Seuss is an American Hip Hop Artist-Songwriter from New York currently in Pine Hills, Florida. He is a member of the Rap collective Dior Sentai. Michael is currently working on an album. At a young age Michael excelled in Music and Art after having an interest in both subjects. At the age of six his cousin had introduced him to Hip Hop, Michael has often said in earlier interviews this was probably one of the defining moments of his life. Listening to the classics such as “Illmatic”, “Ready To Die”, and “The Score”. In the middle of 2013 he was picked up by the underground Hip Hop label 5am Records after dropping a series of Mixtapes that would do well locally, and opening for King Chip (At the time named Chip Tha Ripper). The label enjoyed local and regional success. In the summer of 2015, Michael formed Square-One Records, LLC. After a brief period of soul searching he now has his sights set on showing the world exactly what he’s capable of, embarking on a journey to make a name for himself.

Since then dropping three singles to the debut album “8 Wingz” along two installments in his “East Hero” mixtape series. Recently garnering a larger fanbase gaining over 30,000 Subscribers on YouTube. Expect to hear the name Michael Seuss in the future.


How did your stage name come about? What does it mean to you?

MS: Dr. Seuss has been a creative muse and inspiration since I learned to read at five years old. I was always attracted to his unorthodox style of art which was mixed in with a universe he created through zany characters and their stories. So I chose to use his author name as a tribute and I put my first name at the front to always remind me who I am and where I came from. Hence, “Michael Seuss”.

What are the most memorable moments in your career so far?

MS: The most fun I had was creating music when I was younger and doing shows with friends. Along with doing shows and discovering everything within being an artist that made me want to pursue and continue with it as a career.

From your perspective, what does it mean to be a creative artist in the music industry?

MS: In my experience, being creative while sticking out can be a massive disadvantage in putting out music. Many companies and record labels continue to push a narrative with similar sounding music. I feel that’s why many only last two years within their space. Due to competition always being at the forefront with limited room.

Any breaking new music news you would like to share exclusively with us?

MS: Look out for an EP with brand new music I’ll be releasing next year! It’ll be much more modern than what people are used to hearing from me. Guaranteed.

Connect with Michael Seuss

Twitter @MichaelSeuss
Instagram @seussthaalphamc
Facebook @ThaEmceeSuess
YouTube @michaelseuss

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