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Meet The Multi-Talented Actor James Quinn

Jan 31, 2023 | Showcase | 0 comments


Actor, Writer, Producer, Director.


His new film The 12th Letter has won many awards recently including a best actor award that he took home at the COLFF Film Festival. Based on the upcoming book The 12th Letter, Its primary emphasis is on veterans battling ptsd. An unlikely pen pal relationship that transcends time. A friendship of similar pasts. Healing is possible, word by word. Starring James Quinn & James Storm.

Best Known for The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Checkmate (2019) and Sandman (2018).

James also has a new streaming series in development based on the book Strange Angels. It’s a world of crime, drama & boxing in a traditional film noir setting & style. It’s noir of yesterday meets technology of today.

James Quinn is an American born award winning actor & filmmaker from Pittsburgh PA. He most recently won best actor at the COLFF. He is known for such films as SANDMAN, Checkmate, The 12th Letter, The Dark Knight Rises, Before The Border, The Boonies & many more. He is currently preparing for a leading role as Dan McLain in the upcoming streaming series Strange Angels.

Award-winning film, “The 12th Letter”

A fictional story between a combat disabled veteran, who is searching for a reason to live, and a Catholic nun, whose life is loosely based on the tragic & true story of the 10 nuns of St. Mary’s Orphanage in Galveston, TX in Sept. of 1900. These women stayed behind in a storm battered orphanage in hopes of saving the children. Sadly, all were lost. We are all called for something special in our lives, but not all of us have the courage to follow His plan. These women did. This story is made in memory of those women and in support of our veterans that come home never the same again.

Esteemed Credits

Story by Author Jackie Hovorka.
Brought to you by J & J Ranch Productions
In association with JMQ Pictures
Jeffrey Smee – (Director/Cinematographer)
Robert “Johnny” Hovorka (Executive Producer)

Make sure to visit IMDb page @ The 12th Letter (Short)



Thu Feb 9th | Radio Interview with https://www.223tovr.com/ 1:00 PM-2:00 PM

Connect with JQ

IMDB: thejqway
Twitter @RealJamesQuinn & @The12th_Letter
Instagram @RealJamesQuinn
Facebook @RealJamesQuinn

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