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Meet Ebony M. Walker, the Dynamic Keynote and Motivational Speaker

Oct 22, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


Celebrating a Decade of Narrative Brilliance: Chosen Pen‘s 10th Anniversary Bash!

Meet Ebony M. Walker

She is a living embodiment of resilience and strength. She effortlessly wears numerous hats – Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Entrepreneur, Pastor, Author, Mentor, and Friend – each reflecting a facet of her remarkable journey. Hailing from Moore County, North Carolina, Ebony grew up in Eastwood (Pinehurst area) and defied countless odds. Her life’s path has been marked by triumph over challenges that would have deterred many. From surviving molestation and navigating family addictions to enduring drug-ridden environments and battling depression, Ebony’s story defies grim statistics. Her tenacity thwarted the grip of despair, rewriting a narrative that could have tragically ended in suicide. She accredits God and motherhood with shaping and rerouting her for a greater destiny.

Earning a degree in Criminal Justice, Ebony embarked on a career as a Paralegal and Professional Background Screener, briefly traversing the legal landscape. Yet her true passions – writing, speaking, and music – beckoned. She finally embraced her writing gifts with newfound seriousness. Today, she stands as the CEO and Senior Writer of Walk UpWrite, a platform offering an array of services including ghostwriting, copywriting, and book coaching. Known as “Your Literary Midwife,” her clientele spans continents. She is also the Founder of What’s Next Strategy Consulting, helping ministries and business owners create plans of actions that target their next levels of success and attainment.

Ordained as a Pastor in 2015, Ebony has also been recognized as the following: Think Smart 40 Under 40 Recipient, North Carolina Chapter Leader for JNG (Jus’ Networking Girlz), Multi Award Winner for ACHI Magazine (2021 Servant Leader of the Year and 2022 Woman of the Year), 8x Amazon International Bestselling Author, ForbesBLK Member, and more. Her influence extends to the media, with features via ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, CW, Boston Herald, Telemundo, and the list goes on. She has spoken on stages in front of powerful marketplace figures and has been accredited with resuscitating the visions of millionaires and billionaires.

A dynamic keynote and motivational speaker, Ebony is unashamed of being a woman of prayer. She relies wholeheartedly on God’s grace to fulfill her assignments. Her knack for written and spoken communication underscores her life’s purpose. Presently residing in Fayetteville, NC with her husband, Apostle John Walker, she is the mother to a blended family of four adult children and nine grandchildren.

When not working on a book project, mentoring other young women, or traveling the world doing teaching on marketplace ministry, Ebony enjoys visiting historical landmarks, attending sporting events, networking, and showing up in the rooms where her gift is needed.

In the heart of Fayetteville, North Carolina, under the Carolina blue skies, history was made on September 15th and 16th, 2023. The air was filled with excitement and anticipation as Chosen Pen Publishing celebrated a remarkable milestone, its 10th Anniversary, at the #ChosenPenTurns10 event. Co-powered by none other than the prestigious Forbes Business Council, this event was nothing short of a literary extravaganza.

A Global Spectacle

The #ChosenPenTurns10 event wasn’t confined to a single city; it resonated globally. With a resounding reach of 5.7 million, this celebration of words and stories touched hearts and minds across the world throughout the month of September 2023. It was a testament to the power of storytelling, the enduring mission of Chosen Pen Publishing.

“If it MUST be written, it MUST be UpWrite!”

Unlocking Narrative Potential

The heart and soul of this event were dedicated to unlocking the unique narrative potential that lies within each of us. Chosen Pen Publishing, led by the visionary Dr. Norma McLauchlin, has spent a decade inspiring storytelling and forgiveness. The journey of Chosen Pen Publishing began as a divine assignment for Dr. McLauchlin, and it has since blossomed into a global literary force.

A Remarkable Lineup

The event showcased an incredible lineup of 13 distinguished speakers, each contributing a piece of their wisdom to the mosaic of this celebration. 1 Keynote Speaker, 3 Dynamic Moderators, and the Mistress of the Ceremony guiding the way, the stage was set for an unforgettable experience. The speakers shared their unique perspectives on an array of topics, ranging from personal empowerment to literacy and, most notably, forgiveness.

HerStory in the Making

One standout moment was the panel moderated by Ebony Walker, aptly titled “HerStory in the Making.” Ebony Walker navigated this critical topic with finesse, drawing out insights that left the audience both introspective and inspired.

Ebony Walker: Reflecting on Success

Ebony Walker, the eloquent panel moderator, shared her thoughts on the success of the event. Here are six meaningful interview questions that offer a glimpse into his perspective:

What were the key takeaways from the “HerStory in the Making” panel, and how do you think they resonate with the audience?

Ebony Walker: There was so much to learn and unpack during our panel session. Each woman represented thoughts and ideas that everyone – male or female – should gravitate towards. However, if I had to choose a key takeaway, it would be in 5 simple words:Get Up and Do It! Most times, we have powerful ideas and such a high level of ingenuity that it really scares us. We ponder on all the reasons why we shouldn’t do a thing, but we have to just get up and do it. I believe that everything we need is within our reach. We just have to be willing to take the first step – get up!

My prayer is that it resonated with the audience in such a way that would cause them to reject procrastination. We’ve mastered how to TALK ourselves OUT of a thing; but I believe we have taught our audience how to WALK ourselves INTO a thing!

How important is forgiveness in personal growth and overall mental well-being, and how did this panel contribute to raising awareness on this issue?

Ebony Walker: The forgiveness panel was absolutely necessary and moving! We don’t realize how much we hold onto, how often we “date” grudges and bitterness, and just what role it can play in our overall success. We have minimized forgiveness to a mere person or instance, but forgiveness must be a lifestyle. It has to be a way of life. It must become something we do quickly because, if it lingers, it can impact our health, our mind, our forward movement, and even our money.

What did you find most inspiring or surprising about the discussions on this panel during the event?

Ebony Walker: The most inspiring was hearing personal stories of triumph. We can see a person’s “now” but we don’t often understand their “before.” All of the panels allowed us to see what victory looks like. Yes, everyone was professional and they were present for a professional reason; however, the beauty of transparency shined through many and it was powerful.

Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary event aimed to unlock unique narrative potential. In what ways do you think the event achieved this goal?

Ebony Walker: Trust me, this event definitely understood the assignment! Each person whose voice was heard definitely exemplified narrative potential. Everyone has a story, advice, and wisdom to share. And it may not always sound the same, but it is always meant for someone. This event allowed us to see the array of audibility that resides within people who are impacting communities and realms that we know not of.

Can you share a memorable moment or story from the event that exemplifies its impact on the attendees?

Ebony Walker: To be honest, one of my favorite moments was the video tribute to Dr. Norma. Seeing the impact that she is having in South Africa and knowing that all of us are connected to such greatness definitely impacted everyone in the room. Even when I gave words, my sentiments were thanking her for being considered. Every person in the room was considered by her, in one way or another, to impact. She was and is the impact.

How do you envision the ripple effect of the event’s discussions on forgiveness and mental wellness in the larger community?

Ebony Walker: Oh my goodness, the ripple effect will start with mere conversations – maybe with self and maybe with a loved one. A seed was planted and that will now cause a great deal of introspection. The introspection will breed a desire for change and forward movement. Those forward movements will create healthy adults that create healthy atmospheres for their children. And from there, the ripple will continue.

Growing Globally with Chosen Pen

Chosen Pen Publishing isn’t just a local success story; it’s a global phenomenon. Based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this professional publishing house has a reach that transcends borders. They believe in the power of stories and work tirelessly with their authors to bring those stories to life.

At Chosen Pen Publishing, every author’s voice matters, and every story deserves to be told. From inception to publication, they stand by their authors, ensuring their work reaches its highest potential. Their commitment to quality and entertainment is evident in every book they publish.

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Chosen Pen Publishing, we invite you to join us in embracing the power of storytelling, forgiveness, and personal growth. Connect with us on social media @ChosenPenPublishing and visit ChosePen.com to explore the world of literary excellence that 10th anniversary of Chosen Pen Publishing has to offer. Here’s to a decade of inspiration and countless stories yet to be written!

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