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Meet Dr. Anissa Conard Short, the Mistress of the Ceremony at Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Sep 30, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


Embracing a Decade of Success: Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Author ~ Speaker ~ Entrepreneur

In the heart of Fayetteville, North Carolina, under the warm September sun, a remarkable event unfolded, leaving a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of all who attended. Chosen Pen Publishing, a beacon of literary excellence, celebrated its 10th Anniversary with an event that resonated with the power of storytelling, forgiveness, and personal empowerment. This grand celebration, co-powered by the prestigious Forbes Business Council, took place over two unforgettable days, on September 15 and 26, 2023. The result? A resounding global reach of 11.3 million throughout the month, proving that the world is eager to embrace the unique narrative potential of Chosen Pen.

Unlocking Unique Narrative Potential

At its core, Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration was about celebrating a decade of inspiring storytelling and forgiveness. Dr. Norma McLauchlin, the visionary creator behind Chosen Pen Publishing, embarked on this journey ten years ago when she accepted the call to publish the stories of others. What began as a simple “YES” has since evolved into a global literary movement, headquartered right in Fayetteville, NC, but with a reach that spans the globe.

Growing Globally with Chosen Pen” became the event’s mantra, a testament to the belief that every author has a story to tell, and every story deserves to be told. Chosen Pen Publishing stands by its writers every step of the way, from the earliest sparks of an idea to the final, polished publication. Their mission: to help authors produce high-quality, engaging, and entertaining books that touch the hearts and minds of readers worldwide.

An Inspiring Lineup

The 10th Anniversary Celebration featured an impressive lineup of 13 distinguished speakers, 1 captivating keynote, 3 dynamic moderators, and a Mistress of Ceremonies who added an extra layer of grace and inspiration to the event.

Dr. Anissa Conard Short, an International Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and Entrepreneur, stepped into the role of Mistress of Ceremony, guiding attendees through the event with her magnetic presence and eloquent words.

Each speaker brought their unique perspective to the stage, sharing insights on a wide range of topics, from personal empowerment to literacy and forgiveness. It was a reminder that stories are not just words on pages but vessels for transformation and empowerment.


We had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Anissa Conard Short to reflect on the success of Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration. Delve into her wisdom and insights:

What role do you believe storytelling plays in personal empowerment, and how did the event amplify this message?

Dr. Anissa: Storytelling is key. It is paramount. It is through storytelling that you connect with your audience and they better relate with you. It is through storytelling that you come through as authentic and credible as a speaker and even an authority on the topic for which you are communicating. Many of our speakers shared stories. Through their messages of trauma, challenges, fears, acts of courage, triumphs and victories the audience was empowered and inspired.

As the Mistress of Ceremony, you brought a unique energy to the event. How do you see the intersection between entrepreneurship and storytelling in today’s world?

Dr. Anissa: Every successful entrepreneur connects with their client. Storytelling is a tool that fosters this connectivity. Storytelling builds the bridge on which both parties can affix themselves to and thereby creates an environment by which trust is established. People will do business with those they trust.

Forgiveness was a recurring theme during the celebration. Can you share a personal story or insight that highlights the power of forgiveness in your own life or career?

Dr. Anissa: I don’t have a personal story to share; however, I have worked with many women in business and I have seen first hand how anger and unforgiveness stemming from the past, adversely affected their business performance. As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of building relationships. Collaborative relationships are strengthened by trust. If someone is harboring unforgiveness in their hearts, this will interfere with their ability to establish strong bonds with others. One’s desire to build collaborative relationships or even strengthen customer relations will be ineffective until they apply the principle of forgiveness in their lives.

The global reach of the event was exceptional. How important is it for Chosen Pen Publishing to share its message on an international scale, and how do you envision its impact moving forward?

Dr. Anissa: Each component discussed during the event is consistent with the work being done in South Africa. Each mirrors the other and this has created a cohesiveness that we are proud to share nationally as well as internationally. The work of Chosen Pen on an international scale has just begun, but we anticipate even greater strides as we continue to share the message and importance of literacy, entrepreneurship and forgiveness.

Blast from the Past

What advice do you have for aspiring authors who are just beginning their literary journey, especially those who may have faced obstacles or self-doubt along the way?

Dr. Anissa: Every author needs a coach or mentor. They need someone they can trust and someone that shares their values. Many underestimate the power of publishing a book. I was one of them; however, the relationship with my mentor shifted my perspective. As a result, doors of opportunity have opened that I never imagined.

Looking ahead, what do you hope the legacy of Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration will be for both the organization and the broader literary community?

Dr. Anissa: On a local level, I hope that the residents of Fayetteville and even North Carolina, grow to understand the value Chosen Pen offers to the community. Within the literary world as a whole, I would imagine that Chosen Pen has gained greater respect for its work and platform of influence. Chosen Pen is a light and a great example of how big things can be accomplished by a few dedicated to excellence and leadership. The 10th Anniversary Celebration was outstanding and I believe that it served to fuel the flame to do even more and make an even greater impact.

A Bright Future with Potential

Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration was more than just an event; it was a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the capacity of forgiveness to heal and transform. Dr. Norma McLauchlin’s vision, supported by the global reach of Forbes Business Council, has propelled Chosen Pen Publishing to new heights, touching lives and inspiring authors around the world.

As we reflect on this momentous occasion, let us remember that every story told is a beacon of hope and empowerment, a reminder that words have the power to shape the world and change lives. Chosen Pen’s journey has only just begun, and its potential is boundless.

Stay connected, with Chosen Pen Publishing, Visit ChosenPen.com and follow them on social media Instagram @ChosenPenPublishing.

As we celebrate #ChosenPenTurns10, let us all embrace the power of storytelling, forgiveness, and personal empowerment, knowing that the best stories are yet to be written.

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