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Innovative Beauty and Hair Entrepreneur: Bernadette Patterson

Jan 12, 2023 | News, Showcase | 0 comments


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Meet Bernadette Patterson, The Founder of Dream Team Hair & Beauty Salon and The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Professional Hair Products. Both brands are expanding in stores across the United States. She is a woman who is going after her dreams and inspiring others to do the same. As a music artist and entrepreneur, she is raising the bar for creativity, professionalism and paying it forward to others along her journey of success.

Professional Natural hair product company that helps promote healthy hair.

Serving hair salons, barber shops, & customers. Become The Dream Team Hair & Beauty Brand Ambassador. Fill out the form at: https://form.jotform.com/213181415072042

In her own words..

“Been in the beauty industry licensed since 2004. Throughout the years I use different kinds of products on my client’s hair. Some product’s I liked more than other’s. I also worked for a major company as a hair product distributor going around to different salon’s selling professional hair product’s. I know the importance of putting good product’s on your hair because if you don’t it can cause hair breakage and even hair loss. Since I gain the experience as a distributor and a salon owner I decided to come up with my own hair product line that will help keep your hair healthy. When you look good you feel good as beauty impact your health and well being. There will be more products to come!”

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Instagram: @bernadette.patterson.98
Shop Now: https://thedreamteamhairandbeauty.store/

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