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GLOBAL BLACK AUTHORS MATTER (BAM) TOUR 2024: Take A Next Tour To Los Angeles

Jun 22, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Ready! Set! Tour!
☑️BAM Tour 2024 Takes Los Angeles by Storm, Celebrating Global Black Authors: To Book Your Spot

Upcoming BAM Tour- July 20, 2024: BAM Tour 2024 proudly announces its upcoming tour in Los Angeles, CA, on July 20, 2024. This global literary tour is an outstanding symbol of diversity and inclusivity in the literary world, celebrating a diverse range of Black voices worldwide.

The Black Authors Matter (BAM) Tour Tour is a global literary tour celebrating Black authors worldwide. It works as a platform that offers readers access to diverse perspectives and narratives historically underrepresented in the publishing industry.

The BAM’s next tour is to LOS ANGELES, CA, on July 20 2024. The Creator and Curator of BAM Tour, Nikko D TooGood AND THE BAM COMMUNITY calls authors worldwide to step into a realm where literary brilliance knows no boundaries.

What to Expect?

☑️International Author Spotlights
: Discover unique voices and stories spanning the globe.
☑️Diverse Literary Conversations
: Engage in thought-provoking discussions on universal themes.
☑️Author-to-Author Dialogues
: Witness literary dialogues that bridge continents.
☑️Workshops and Collaborations
: Unite with authors, creating stories that reflect our world’s richness.
☑️Networking Beyond Borders
: Forge connections with authors and enthusiasts worldwide.

To learn more benefits of joining BAM Tour 2024 in detail, Read BIZBoost News

Celebrating Black Literary Excellence

More than a tour, BAM Tour 2024 celebrates the global Black author community, showcasing the power of stories to break barriers and build connections. Together, they celebrate the shared humanity through literature.

The core community of the BAM 2024 said, “The Global Black Authors Tour 2024 invites you on an extraordinary voyage celebrating Black authors worldwide. From the heart of Africa to the streets of Harlem, join us in connecting the international Black author community.”

Other Streamlined BAM Tour

To discover all the upcoming global Black Authors Matter 2024 Tour for black authors, check below:

☑️The first and foremost is the BAM Los Angeles, CA Tour, which will occur on July 20, 2024.
☑️Afterwards, the BAM Tour will be held in Charlotte, NC, and Chicago, IL, on August 17, 2024, and September 21, 2024.
☑️Then, between October 13 2024, and October 21 2024, you can explore the BAM Tour in South Africa and Botswana.
☑️Authors willing to join the BAM 2024 Tour can also coordinate with the community for its London, UK tour, which will be conducted from October 19 to October 26 2024

Please note that the cost for BAM is $500 per city. To learn more about the upcoming BAM tour, dates, details, costs, and opportunities, CHECK NOW

Join the Movement

Stay tuned for tour dates and locations. Whether in Los Angeles or beyond, be a part of uniting the world through the power of words.

BAM Tour 2024
☑️To learn more about the BAM Tour, aims, objectives, history, and upcoming updates:
Read BIZBoost News

Black Authors Matter Tour is fueled by a passion for storytelling; the tour echoes themes of Unity, Hope, Forgiveness, and Awareness.

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