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BIZBoost History

Flashback and Blast from the past in Pursuit of CANI

BeingEMU - Founder & CEO, BIZBoost & BTweeps

It was all just a dream turned into Creative Realities constantly revolving into different dimensions, globally! We saw how the InterWeb revolves, in-deep, & then we built BIZBoost from the inside first. We saw how creative digital agencies usually operate, and we did the utterly opposite of them all. We never liked doing the same thing that everyone else is already doing. We’re are not competing. We’ve our own lane. BIZBoost is the Creative Innovation of How Digital Media Management is done, Human to Human, Personalized Inside out.

Mohd Imran, Creator, BIZBoost Inc.


The Year of Deep Exploration

14 Sept 2010

@TheSoulfulEMU opened his Twitter Account unknowing of the hot mess he was getting into.

Everything begun with Twitter.


Idea, Hustle and Evolution of Consciousness, Concepts, and Raw Ops


Networking, Community Building, Amplifying and Embracing the Diversified Skills, with respect to Efficiency


The Year of Movement on Purpose

BIZBoost Logo 300x300

25 August 2013

Synchronized Symphony of 2010-2013 dots, Founded BIZBoost! 🚀


The Year of Deep Enlightenment

TOP Milestones


1 March 2014

LAUNCHED Our Official Twitter @BIZBoost Account

13 Mar 2014

The FIRST COOP with @StefanVetter to GROW, Nurture & Leverage the True Power of his Twitter account. This COOP transformed into Mentorship for Imran, Then Partnership, and then a Never-Ending H2H Business COOP that is still riding upon Infinite BIZBoost Miles.

30 Mar 2014

Angelo joined Team BIZBoost as a Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

CREATION of BIZBoost Ops, System, Business Model, Network, Audiences and The Dream Team

12 Nov 2014

LAUNCHED bizboo.st with just a Static Website


The Year of Entertainment

Amplified and Polished BIZBoost Ops, & Legal Compliance. It was time to BRING People of Action together at one table & Blend some BIZBoost Awesomeness, globally.

Rise of Corp Partnerships.

Recruitment of Teammates from Virginia, Washington DC, Texas, Delhi, & BEYOND!

BIZBoost History - Amplified and Polished BIZBoost Ops

TOP Milestones


5 Feb 2015

RISE of Product Hunt Delhi (@PHDelhi) MEETUPS, in association with Product Hunt, SF. The Purpose was to gather the local startup community, network, brainstorm, strategize and share mutual benefits. BIZBoost being the City Leader, Organizer, and Sponsor of the Meetups.

PHDelhi Milestones

PHDelhi 1: May 10, 2015
PHDelhi 2: June 10, 2015 | Sponsored & Partnered with IBM Asia/IBM Bluemix
PHDelhi 3: June 28, 2015
PHDelhi 4: Sept 23, 2015 | Sponsored & Partnered with Microsoft India

All PHDelhi meetups were On-Purpose, for the people.

16 August 2015

Nandini joined Team BIZBoost as a Chief Creative Writer (CCW)

9 September 2015

Divyanshu joined Team BIZBoost as a Chief Design Officer (CDO)


At that point of our journey, We started having time of our life, being cherish eternally. We created our own imperfect new ways to work, hustle, do what we love & just love what we do, while finding a natural balance of our Being. We pursued the whole drill Remotely without the need of any physical office. We became a global remote company.


The Year of Empowerment

April 2016

BIZBoost went few notches up as a System, Platform, Services, Culture, and Solution.

Our mission statement evolved into “Educating, Enlightening, Empowering, & Entertaining the Digital sphere, the people we work with and their audiences”.

Our purpose evolved to make your digital experience better.

April 2016

BIZBoost went few notches up as a System, Platform, Services, Culture, and Solution. Our mission statement evolved into “Educating, Enlightening, Empowering, & Entertaining the Digital sphere, the people we work with and their audiences”. Our purpose evolved to make your digital experience better.

June 2016

Found our Natural flow and Focused most on Reflecting on BIZBoost CORE, Process, Ops, Ethics, Values, & the Culture

1 August 2016

Founded BTweeps, A Product, Web SaaS Twitter tool is underway, in construction, & powered by BIZBoost.


The Year of SYMPHONY & Harmony

One of the most successful years in the BIZBoost History.

Exploration, & Consciousness

Enlightenment, Entertainment, & Empowerment.

Movement, and Natural flow.

29 April 2017

Official Music Fest Sponsored by BIZBoost
INCEPTION at Texas Mist, Austin, TX

Partnerships, Global Cooperation, Recruitment, & Relationships

That’s all that matter to us!


CONNECTING Dimensions of Diversity

Starting from the Bottom, Now we way up as a Creative Digital Media Agency that doesn’t focus on clients’ budgets and What’s popular online. We instead focused on the CORE NEEDS of innovative brands, people, businesses, artists, awesome people we work with & their astonishing audiences.

BIZBoost evolved further as a Flexible Outfit, Services, Culture, and Personalized Solution for a Diverse Genre of Businesses.

We headed forward (& Upward) on Purpose to eliminate the clutter, noise, dominance, filth off social media. We connected the dots beyond what we did in previous years and focused on polishing our hustle & etiquette. Focused MOST on the Efficiency of Cooperation, Collaboration, Ops.

4 DECEMBER 2019 

GRAND LAUNCH of BTwee.ps with a Successful LIFETIME DEAL 2019 Campaign. And then We turned it into The Only Safest Twitter Automation Tool for Audience Targeting & Management. Tweet @BTweeps_



The Year of Coming Through!

March 2020: From Remote Life, Remote Office, WFH, & Anywhere to BIZBoost HQ based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. A New Venture began Domestically, in Sync, Symphony of Efficiency & Harmony with the ACTIVE International ventures.

Sept 2020: Officially (& Silently) LAUNCHED BIZBoo.st as a Platform while revealing ALL of BIZBoost in front of the world, like never shown & never seen before.

Welcoming New Global Partners, Teammates, Cooperations, Collaborations, Associates & Affiliates.

“It’s all about the PROCESS and the JOURNEY.”

We are 24/7 available

Eat, BIZBoost, Sleep, Repeat

The Only Growth Companion You Need

BIZBoost is The What, How, Where, When and Why of YOUR Online Presence! Because You Deserve the Best, And We Care!

Experience BIZBoost Companionship

For us, your Digital Experience is one of BIZBoost Core that we aim to Cherish, Nurture & Lift off, Above all & Beyond.

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