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‘The Upshaws’ Returns to Netflix for Another Season of Non-Stop Laughs

Jul 8, 2022 | News | 0 comments


The Upshaws‘ description reads as follows, “It centers on a working-class African American family in Indiana struggling to make it work and make it right without any blueprints.”

That is a “nice” and simple plot explanation, but Mike Epps, Kim Fields, and Wanda Sykes have never been simple, and what they all bring to an excellent comedy script is measurably fantastic, and that’s why we are all lucky to have been graced with season two. I don’t expect it will stop there.

The Upshaws Is a Quick and Intelligent Comedy.

The Upshaws, on Netflix, has one-upped their own first season with writing so smart and witty that all 8 episodes fly by much too fast. Mrs. Regina Upshaw (Fields) is the rock of the family. She works, she cooks, she keeps the kids in line, she keeps the bills in tow, and she keeps a close eye on her not-so-trustworthy second-chance husband, Bernard Upshaw (Epps).

Meanwhile, Bernard does work hard with his two pals to keep his part-owned garage afloat. Bernard works with some goofy and somewhat lazy worker pals who take advantage of him at times. He also deals with customers trying to pull quick ones on him, all the time fending off his sister-in-law, Lucretia Turner (Sykes).

Lucretia is a unique person. She came into some money after a death in the family and has part-ownership of the garage with Bernard. Lucretia has a slight tendency to spend time in the Upshaw home babysitting the family while keeping everyone in check with her wise and sarcastic commands and slights. 

The Upshaw kids are a nice addition to the cast, and they work hard to keep up with the superb deliveries from Sykes and Epps. But to be honest, if it were just the three leads, the guys at the garage, and the occasional guests, The Upshaws would not suffer. However, what is a family comedy without kids?

One of Bernard’s mechanics, ‘Davis’, played by Leonard Earl Howze, also has a habit of stealing the screen in the garage scenes. He is a comedic genius who reminds me of the days of Laurel & Hardy. He’s obviously a trained actor who understands movement, voice & speech, and he uses them like an expert stage actor, timing his pratfalls, injured leg movements, and line deliveries like he’s watched every comedy ever made. Leonard is a great addition to the supporting cast and deserves a nomination for a Golden Globe. 

Kim Fields Trades Years of Drama for Another Season of Comedy

Check this out https://www.imdb.com/video/vi4141138457/

I’m old enough to have watched The Facts of Life as a kid. Kim Fields played “Tootie.” I’ll be honest…it wasn’t the plot lines or the corny jokes that grabbed my attention every week. It was Lisa Welchel and Nancy Mckeon. I really loved Mindy Cohn’s personality, but Fields didn’t seem to fit, sometimes. Kim just doesn’t cut it, for me, as a comedic actress (sic).

We have seen Kim Fields in dramas in which she was good. My personal opinion is that she should delve headstrong into drama and stay away from comedy. She doesn’t make me laugh. Her humor has always seemed a bit forced, and not natural. However, if she focused on a dramatic career, I feel her stardom would rise higher.

Mrs. Upshaw is a weak link in the great flow of the show, but I certainly hope Ms. Fields, Mike Epps, and the cast continue to have great success. I love the show. There! I said it. It makes me laugh uncontrollably at times. This has always been my kind of humor since I was a little kid.

What can you expect in season two of ‘The Upshaws‘?

I don’t like to throw down every little plot line or scene, and I certainly, dislike giving away the whole storyline. Let me just share that there is a whole lot happening in the garage and at home this season, with some extra situations, and scenes thrown in for some changeup. 

Bernard keeps getting in trouble by trusting people who stab him in the back while he is trying to renew his life, and reestablish his connection with his wife, family, and slightly controlling sister-in-law.

As you might imagine, there is great physical comedy, slap-stick humor, and some lines that’ll bust your gut and possibly upset any neighbors attached to you, if you have them. Maybe don’t watch this show late at night, if anyone else will hear you. I doubt you can hold it back.

I have to give season two of The Upshaws – 4.5/5 stars. I’m going to upset a lot of Kim Fields fans with this piece, but I really think a change in actors in her role could push the show to five stars, and Fields could concentrate on getting on that A-list again as a dramatic actor. If I were her agent, that is how I’d direct Ms. Fields to take her career.

Epps and Sykes are like Abbot & Costello – comedic geniuses. I look forward to watching it again. All eight episodes went quickly. Only four hours.


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