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“Disruptive Partners” Joins EDSAFE AI Alliance Industry Council

May 23, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Disruptive Partners Is Now Unions With the EDSAFE AI Alliance Industry Council

Artificial Intelligence:Disruptive Partners, a renowned education and social innovation consulting firm, joins the force of the EDSAFE AI Alliance Industry Council to help shape the future of AI in education.

Before moving ahead, Disruptive Partners (DP) is the only black female-led education and innovation firm that designs student-centred, innovative, tech-savvy approaches for K-12 students. With a mission to revolutionise education and inspire minds with AI optimism and innovation, Disruptive Partners became a member of the EDSAFE AI Alliance Council.

The EDSAFE AI Industry Council is made up of 60+ leading education and technology companies of all sizes committed to ensuring artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI, and related technologies—in their own companies’ solutions and across the education landscape—are safe, accountable, fair, and effective (SAFE) and who adhere to the SIIA AI Principles.

The founder and lead consultant of Disruptive Partners, Dr. Anashay Wright, AKA Anashay Disrupts, announced the news of joining the EDSAFE AI Alliance on her official social handles.

Learn More About EDSAFE AI Industry Council

EDSAFE was founded in 2020 and is now a global initiative led by InnovateEDU and powered by a coalition of organisations. As mentioned, the EDSAFE AI Industry Council comprises leading education and technology companies committed to ensuring artificial intelligence and related technologies. It maintains councils that bring together the foremost experts in industry, research, and practice at the intersection of education and AI. These councils produce resources for the field, serve as advisors and experts, and help break down silos within the education sector and build understanding.

“Education companies are united in their commitment to expanding opportunity, learning, and innovation to all students and teachers in ways that are safe and accessible for all,” said Karl Rectanus, chair of the EdSAFE Industry Council.

Further, “We’re committed to creating a safe learning environment for students through an intentional, secure, and human-driven approach to AI use. We’re honoured to join the EDSAFE AI Alliance to work with other tech industry leaders to ensure this transformative technology enhances the ways we teach and learn,” stated Melissa Loble, Chief Academic Officer of Instructure.

Disruptive Partners Is Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

Meet the face and mastermind behind Disruptive Partners, Dr. Anashay Wright, a proud innovator, respected thought leader, and, most importantly, a black mother on a mission to disrupt the status quo in education.

The firm is dedicated to equipping our future leaders and children with the right tools and programs to foster a growth mindset and set them up for success. You may Click here to begin working with Disruptive Partners to inspire, educate and AI-empower your organisation and teams today!

To learn more about how Disruptive Partners (DP) transform education with AI and personalised learning, redirect to the POST.

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