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Microsoft CEO Announces New Copilot Assistant, Your Everyday Companion

May 23, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Google launched its own AI assistant last week, suggesting that artificial intelligence assistants are becoming quite popular. Giant techs like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and others unsurprisingly started focusing on executing AI features, assistants, chatbots, and more this year.

Artificial Intelligence: At the beginning of 2024, Microsoft introduced Team Copilot, an AI chatbot that works as a coworker for workspace teams and companies. The chatbot responds to inquiries and questions by drawing on the group’s collective expertise. Shortly after announcing Team Copilot, Microsoft unveiled another AI product, Copilot Agents, a new AI tool that assists employees and coworkers.

Microsoft claims its AI-powered Copilot Agents feature can “independently and proactively orchestrate tasks for you.”

How does Copilot Agent work?

Reportedly, users can select one of several pre-made templates or provide Copilot with a fully customised job description. Subsequently, Copilot will generate an artificial intelligence agent that operates in the background to accomplish the assigned tasks. The Copilot may also ask for assistance when he encounters a circumstance where he requires more prompts or can not handle the assigned task. It can also use its existing information to finish assignments and absorb fresh feedback.

According to Microsoft, within Copilot Studio, one may create Copilot agents. The process is so straightforward that anyone can create their own to automate processes. The Copilot Agents are working smoothly. However, it has yet to be available for public use.

Microsoft’s Copilot Agents sound similar to Google AI products

Moving forward, while Microsoft is happy to announce its latest AI product developments, many are criticising the company. According to reports, users believe that Team Copilot, its AI chatbot, and Copilot Agent, its AI assistant, are similar to Google’s AI chatbot and other AI products, which they introduced at their I/O Conference.

You may feel that Team Copilot and Google’s AI Teammates look familiar. Last week, Google revealed AI Agents, which is a take on the idea of AI personal assistants. In one example, Google showed how an AI agent could finish processing a product return after an online purchase for the customer. However, Microsoft emphasised business automation, such as assigning a Copilot Agent to handle a new hire’s onboarding.

You will have to wait a bit

Microsoft states that it evaluates the feature with a small set of users and will make it public later this year. Nevertheless, neither Google’s AI Teammates nor Microsoft’s Team Copilot is accessible to the general public or netizens.

In your opinion, what will these AI agents’ capabilities be to perform tasks that we expect to be completed after their release?

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