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Meet Your Favorite Author, Speaker and Consultant, Tanicia Prioleau

Apr 13, 2024 | Interviews, News | 0 comments


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Tanicia Prioleau

Author | Speaker | Consultant


Empowering Minds, Hearts, and Souls

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In a world often overshadowed by chaos and confusion, there are those who illuminate paths of clarity and understanding. Tanicia Prioleau is one of them. She is an Author, Publishing Consultant, Writer, and GUESS WHAT NOT?!!

But before that,
Discover the essence of love with her e-Book, “Eternal Love.” Explore the depths of lifelong connections and build an enduring bond that surpasses time. Unlock the key to understanding true love today.

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This guide is for you if you’re looking to:

⏩ Understand true love
⏩ Stop having fleeting relationships
⏩ Learn the root of most failed relationships

Also, when we value people, we treat them with respect, compassion, and empathy, which creates positive connections and fosters meaningful relationships – “Honor!”

To acknowledge the true value of people’s inherent worth and dignity, read “Honor” by Tanicia which will help differentiate the slight line between honor and dishonor.

Dive into the pages of bestselling Author, Speaker, and Consultant Tanicia Prioleau’s E-Books:

1. Eternal Love
2. Honor, The Key To Opening Doors

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BIO | Mrs Tanicia Prioleau

Mrs Tanicia Prioleau is a multifaceted Author, Speaker, Publishing Consultant, Blogger, and Writer who has been passionate about writing since her youth. She is also a wife, a proud mother, and an intercessor. She has evolved into empowering minds, hearts, and souls to become reconciled to God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ—her journey, marked by dedication and commitment to guiding others towards a deeper connection with God.

Tanicia’s Bestselling Books

🌟 The Curse Of The Inverted Soul
🌟 Eternal Love
🌟 God’s Celestial Network
🌟 Honor

By using her writing, teaching, and any other tool God uses to spread His gospel of the Kingdom, she inspires readers worldwide. Mrs Tanicia Prioleau’s goal in this writing journey is to enlighten the minds of worldwide readers and help them attain freedom. Her interest lies in exploring new places and meeting new people. Besides, she likes to read and travel with her family and friends in her free time.

To discover the latest blog posts, books, and publishing services of Mrs Tanicia Prioleau, you may check out the official website of her creation, Remnant Media Services

Interview Summary

1. As you have experienced and explored different styles of writing pieces from technical writing to resume building, blogging, composing entire books. Which of them do you find most interesting and why?

Tanicia: I find blogging and composing books more interesting as they allow me to express my creativity and share my experiences and testimonies.

2. At Remnant Media Services, you love sharing your victories and expertise with digital and tech publishing enthusiasts so that they can overcome their challenges. Could you please list five takeaways from your experience that people should keep in mind to avoid pitfalls in the process?

Tanicia: Of course, five pitfalls I would give is –
i. Ensure you research what you are looking to publish.
ii. Always research the platforms you will consider using for publishing your book.
iii. Consider your audience, and ensure you build that reader base.
iv. Always leverage technology to ease access and streamline/automate mundane tasks.
v. Find a mentor or someone who can guide you on how to position yourself in the marketplace.

3. You have been passionate about writing since your youth. When did you finally decide that you were going to pursue your passion for writing as your profession?

Tanicia: In 2015, I started my first blogging site, and since 2015, it has been a great journey as I pursue my passion to bless others.

4. However, you have an astounding personality with a multifaceted skill set. How would you define your role as an intercessor from the perspective of one of your insightful writings, “God’s Celestial Network”?

Tanicia: When I wrote God’s Celestial Network, I prayed and asked for Godly wisdom on what God wanted me to share with his children. I know I couldn’t do it alone, so I’m thankful to Jesus Christ, who guided me through the writing process.

5. You have recently begun a new and exciting journey with “Chosen Pen Publishing.” Please tell us about your experience with the firm so far.

Tanicia: Speaking with Mrs. Norma made me confident that Chosen Pen would be the right company to assist with the Book Tour. I am hoping to see the fruit of this labor.

6. How would you express the moment you explored a “Virtual Book Tour”?

Tanicia: It was a good moment. I’m grateful for the opportunity.

7. We have examined a few of your gracious writing pieces like “Eternal Love,” “The Curse of the Inverted Soul” and “God’s Celestial Network”; all of these are the reflection of your spiritual wisdom. What inspires you to empower minds, and hearts to become reconciled to God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ even in this century?

Tanicia: It comes from a desire to see others set free and receive the gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

8. Lastly, what exciting projects or endeavors are you working on now?

Tanicia: I’m taking the time to pour into other authors as they begin their literary journey. I have also launched a new podcast, “The Prudent Podcast,” on Spotify.

Connect with Tanicia

Tanicia Prioleau: Author | Speaker | Consultant
Web: TanPrioleau.com | Phone: 833-239-7345

Instagram @taniciawrites & @remnantmediaservices
Online Book Store: rempublish.com
Linktree taniciawrites
Book Store @taniciawrites

To buy the Eternal Love, and Honor, The Key To Opening Doors e-books of your favorite author Tanicia, TAP HERE

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