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Writer Spotlight With Author, La’Quita Monley

Aug 18, 2022 | Interviews | 0 comments


In 2022, La’Quita Monley rebranded LaQuita’s Toolbox and changed the name to La’Quita Monley’s Solutions while still offering the same speaking and coaching services and continuing La’Quita’s Toolbox Podcast. She also published her first book, Redefining Success: 8 Tools I Used to Develop a Growth Mindset. Redefining Success which helps you to determine who or what has defined success for you and how to take control and define success for yourself. It equips you with practical, implementable tools to help you on life’s journey.

Please tell us about your author journey and why you followed this career path?

LaQuita: My author’s journey has been one that evolved over time. First and foremost, I am a minister of the gospel, keynote speaker, coach, podcast host, and author, in that order. My journey as an author began because I wanted to be able to continue to add value to my target audience. In my heart, I know that the Lord desired me to put my testimony into book form to continue building people.

How did you feel after you read your completed book for the first time and how do you want others to feel after?

LaQuita: To be very honest, I was so nervous when I first read my completed book and really unsure if I was adding value to my readers. Yes, I was very excited and couldn’t wait to get the feedback from friends and family, but my first initial thought was, “Lord, please allow this book to positively impact everyone that will read it.

What challenges have you faced while writing? In what ways did you triumph through those moments?

LaQuita: In my writing journey, the biggest challenge that I have faced has been working through unhealed hurts and processing unresolved issues. Because my book was written using my personal life experiences, reliving those as I wrote about them let me know if I had truly healed and moved forward or if I just decided not to deal and keep doing life. In those areas where I need to address unhealed hurts and unresolved issues, I actually had to take the time to acknowledge and process so that I was not writing from a place of brokenness but from a healthy place so that I can add value and tools to help the reader overcome.

What are you currently working on?

LaQuita: I am currently working on an anthology project and streaming tv series that will be out by the spring of 2023.

Describe your writing style.

LaQuita: I would say that my writing style is more along the lines of “personal writing style.” In my book, I use stories from my life to introduce the tool I want to share and describe the lesson I want to point out to the reader.

What are your strengths as an author?

LaQuita: I would say my strength as an author is my transparency. My heart is to be a people builder, and as a speaker, I am transparent in the delivery of my messages, and I endeavor to do that in my writing as well.

What are you looking forward to?

LaQuita: I am looking forward to my next two projects. My husband and I are also preparing for a conference in Nairobi, Kenya, where we will deliver keynote messages and teaching workshops.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

LaQuita: I’m also the CEO and master personal development coach of LaQuita Monley’s Solutions, where I teach my clients how to pursue their purpose with a passion for reaching new heights in life and business.

My undeniable zeal for life change is just as personal as it is purposeful. It was my deeply-rooted faith and disciplined thought patterns that helped her to persevere through the hardships of teen pregnancy and postpartum depression and navigate life as a military wife, overcome the unique challenges of living abroad, and rise as a multi-faceted woman of influence. Because I overcame this, I have no reservations about others’ ability to do the same.

My life’s mission is to guide, motivate, and equip individuals, small businesses, and corporations to soar to greater heights.

La’Quita’s undeniable zeal for life change is just as personal as it is purposeful. Her deeply-rooted faith and disciplined thought patterns helped her persevere through the hardships of teen pregnancy and postpartum depression, navigate life as a military wife, overcome the unique challenges of living abroad, and rise as a multi-faceted woman of influence. Time and time again, the McComb, MS native has pressed forward, pulling on her inner strength, wisdom, and boldness needed to continue putting one foot in front of the other when naysayers let their doubts be known. Because she overcame, this woman of faith and purpose has no reservations about others’ ability to do the same.

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Website: https://www.laquitamonley.com

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