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The Love of Traveling with Mandy Pullin

Jun 10, 2022 | Interviews | 0 comments


“I grew up just south of Atlanta and was raised with a love for travel. My mother always emphasized how lucky we were that our home state offered “everything anyone could want … Georgia has mountains, plains, farms, and the beach! No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can hop in the car and be there.” Growing up, my mother made a point to get us out of our small town to see as much as the family could afford. Traveling to expand my horizons continued to be a priority, and I feel truly privileged for the opportunity to provide others with impactful experiences. I firmly believe travel matters, and in creating itineraries for my clients, I endeavor to bring meaningful interactions to their journey.

Travel wasn’t my first career, and my evolution into the tourism industry was a bit unorthodox. I graduated from The University of Georgia as an Animal Science major and taught Science in Georgia and Tennessee for many years. I’ve maintained a strong interest in sustainability since participating in 4-H as a child, and always tried to relay my passion for environmental stewardship to my students.”



“Also, as a long-time military spouse, I had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of places — sometimes willingly, sometimes not — but there was always beauty and adventure to discover. Planning rewarding travel has become almost second nature, and if I’ve learned anything over the years it is that a solid plan is critical; that’s true whether you have a year or just a few days to prepare.

I love discovering new cultures, and especially appreciate enhancing the lives of my clients and local community members through travel. As a luxury advisor, I go the extra mile by working with trusted, high-end partners who maintain a strong focus on sustainability and specialize in bringing positive impact to local economies. I always aim to curate unique experiences for my clients while supporting the communities and ecosystems they encounter along the way.”



“Our Earth and local communities need us all to do our part. We can improve communities and the environment by educating ourselves through travel. Experiencing local cultures firsthand and volunteering on your journey is a wonderful way to make your travel matter. I encourage everyone to get out there and see this beautiful planet for themselves. I can arrange encounters you may have never dreamed possible and will serve as your behind-the-scenes advocate from start to finish; before, during, and after your adventure you will need just one number to call — mine! Ultimately, I plan to build a relationship with you that lasts a lifetime, where we dream of new and exciting journeys together.”


“I am a GA native who just returned after my husband medically retired from the military. My agency focuses on sustainable travel, leveraging unique partnerships to support local and indigenous suppliers in countries around the world.” – Mandy Pullin


Interview with Mandy Pullin


Please share with us some of the places you have visited that have the most intriguing sceneries?

Mandy: I believe scenery is a bit like fine art, and people have affinities for different things. You see those quizzes all the time: “Are you a mountain or a beach person?” Since 2020 I’ve been to South American Rainforests and beaches, the Highlands of Scotland, and the frozen shores of Antarctica. Answering which experience was “most intriguing” is difficult. By far, the most unique would have to be Antarctica! I was so privileged to cross the Drake Passage on Atlas Ocean Voyages and see whales, seals, and penguins in their natural habitat. My favorite stop during that trip was Neko Harbour; the water was like glass and the silence as we passed between ancient glaciers was incredibly peaceful. The scenery was truly breathtaking and otherworldly, creating an unforgettable experience.


What fascinating discoveries have you made during your travels?

Mandy: Most recently, Cornwall was full of interesting discoveries. The architectural history and sweeping landscapes came as no surprise. However, the absence of wildlife we’re accustomed to in North America was surprising. Even in the countryside, you don’t wake up to the sound of birds or cross paths with squirrels, deer, and other small mammals most Americans see day-to-day. Once the members of our group noticed this absence, it became almost eerie.



Were there any places you’ve traveled where you felt the environment could be better? In what ways can someone help those types of places become better environmentally?

Mandy: We can always take steps to protect the environment. When my partner and I were in Antarctica, the staff from our cruise — and most of our fellow cruisers — were very conscious of leaving no trace during our visits ashore. No trash was left, and we cleaned our feet before leaving and re-entering the ship. One incredibly concerning constant during my travels is that regardless location, harmful human litter plagues the oceans and major waterways.

We are killing our oceans, and it is devastating. Standing on what should be a pristine island off the coast of Panama should be serene. Our group spent a good portion of our morning cleaning up litter — toothbrushes, construction trash, even toilet seats! Often this litter originates here in the States. While visiting Key West we stayed at a 5-star marina in a Conde Nast hotel. Even there, with a staff who consistently works to keep the marina clean, we helped clean up bags of trash that had made its way into the marina. As business owners — and personally — DPP Travel believes you should always “leave it better than you found it.”

This code drives my business partner Tiffany and I to always spend a portion of our travels cleaning up or otherwise volunteering with local communities Small examples create a ripple effect — a mother saw our group choosing to pick up trash along a portion of the West Highland Way and took our example, getting her kids involved. Of course, we need larger-scale involvement to solve the Earth’s most pressing environmental issues, but a life full of small gestures can create change on a global scale too.



What impact do you want to make in others’ lives through the work that you do?

Mandy: As a Science teacher, my goal was always to have my students leave as more informed and passionate stewards of the Earth. Understanding their roles in the environment as well as how interconnected we truly are to our ecosystems (yes, even in cities) is critical knowledge. To be honest, as a travel advisor, I don’t think that my goals have really changed a great deal. As an entrepreneur, I want my clients to have an adventure that far exceeds their expectations and for us to develop a lifelong relationship. Through those adventures, I want to hear how their lens is changing. Hearing their discoveries and the anecdotes is always so fulfilling. What did they learn? Who did they meet? And most importantly, how has that experience changed them?



Can you share with us about your upcoming adventures and endeavors you are soon to embark on?

Mandy: I am currently super excited to host a trip of equestrian Outlander fans to Scotland in July. We’ll tour several cities in Scotland, spending a few days on horseback. I’m particularly excited about the Loch Ness ride and picnic! Then, this fall, I’ll be hosting a group exploring ancestry throughout Ireland. We’ll take time out to fangirl over some Game of Thrones experiences coupled with truly historical activities like visiting the Giant’s Causeway, King John’s Castle, and the EPIC Immigration and Titanic Museums.

Something DPP Travel does that you don’t often see in the luxury adventure market is Hosted Adventures. On our hosted adventures, we’re traveling on the itinerary and are on-hand throughout the trip to create the most seamless experience possible. At the moment we still have limited space available for several trips, and I couldn’t be more excited that two of the itineraries include major bucket list journeys: The Great Migration in Africa and Cruising the Nile in Egypt.

Since we’re working with our suppliers as a group, these tours come with added amenities and experiences you can’t find anywhere else.


You can find more information about all of upcoming hosted tours at “Pullin Consulting” here: www.dpptravel.com/hosted




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