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Sam Platizky: Crafting Dreams from ‘Oliver!’ to Oscar Ambitions, Pioneering Indie Cinema and Theater

Nov 20, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


Sam Platizky, a renowned filmmaker and theater executive, is inviting investors, producers, and representatives to join his company, Narrow Bridge Films. The company is set to debut its theatrical production of “That’s Show Biz, Baby!” in May/June 2024, a blend of humor, talent, and creativity. The production is in collaboration with the Brazen Giant Ensemble at the NY Theatre Festival.

Narrow Bridge Films is also completing its 5th feature, a horror-comedy anthology titled “Tales from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil.” The company is seeking distribution opportunities and limited edition DVDs created during the Indiegogo campaign are for sale now. Platizky and Narrow Bridge Films are committed to supporting independent cinema and live theater.

“From ‘Oliver!’ to Oscar Dreams: Sam Platizky’s Journey from Bayonne JCC to Best Actor, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Ensemble Building”

Journey Unveiled – Actor, Writer, and Founder of Narrow Bridge Films Triumphs at Festivals Worldwide

Sam began acting in seventh school and screenwriting in college. He began producing and running their own firm, Narrow Bridge Films, after graduating. He has made 5 features, 15 short films, 2 webseries, and 2 trailers for additional movies, all of which have won awards at festivals across the world. The 2023 Golden Door International Film Festival awarded him Best Actor, while the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase awarded the Best Comedy Feature.

In 2018, he became a founding member of the Brazen Giant Ensemble, inspired by other talented artists and filmmakers. His brother, Isaac Platizky, became writing partner, and he currently has 20+ feature film screenplays in various genres.

Sam Platizky Shared his Journey And Experience

Can you tell us about your journey from starting in acting at a young age to becoming a writer, producer, and actor in your own films? What inspired this transition in your career?

SAM : After graduating from College with a BA in English with a Concentration in Theatre, I did some background work, some student films, and some Off-Off Broadway plays… But I didn’t feel as fulfilled by the parts or auditions I was getting, so (inspired by Kevin Smith and Zach Braff), I decided to try to create an opportunity for myself. I had already begun writing, but I decided to try to write a script that I could theoretically produce on my own.

“Blaming George Romero” was a pivotal project for you, leading to the creation of Narrow Bridge Films. What challenges did you face during the production of this film, and what lessons did you learn that have shaped your subsequent projects?

SAM : Most indie filmmakers start out with short films… I decided to start out with a feature as my first project ever, which was in hindsight a little crazy… But being thrown (or throwing myself) into the deep end made it so that I had to sink or swim, and my entire team and I learned a lot about what it takes to film a feature length film. By contrast, a short film is so much easier to do, so we were able to be a little ahead of the curve when we actually started making shorts a few years after. The biggest lesson I learned was to surround myself with like minded, talented, and positive artists. That’s why I have worked with a lot of the same people on many of my projects – great artists like my brother Isaac, Dan Gregory, Joey Mosca, Megan Hoche, Jenna Kildosher, and William R. Farley to name a few. Their talent and positivity not only make life on set better, but he have made me better as well. Negative voices on set? Getting rid of him as soon as possible would be my advice.

Your work with Narrow Bridge Films has resulted in numerous official selections, nominations, and awards at various film festivals. Could you share some key strategies or approaches that have contributed to your success in getting your films recognized on the festival circuit?

SAM : Oof. This is still a lesson I am learning as we also get rejected from a ton of festivals too… But I would say, establish relationships with other filmmakers and film festival programmers at the festivals you go to. Network. Getting to know people definitely helps, and so does improving. Watch your films and think about what you could have done better… Ask people for constructive criticism. Not every piece of criticism will be good, but you have to sort through the feedback you get to decide how to improve going forward. A lot of people don’t want to hear any criticism at all, but that only limits you. And try not to take it personally. It can feel like a specific festival that has rejected you several times doesn’t like YOU or your work. And you will never know why some festivals reject you. Like anything else in the business, you just have to accept it and move on to bigger and better things.

You mentioned having a vast collection of screenplays across different genres. Can you tell us about one or two of your favorite unproduced scripts and what makes him special to you?

SAM : There are so many that I would LOVE to see made. One of my favorites is Off-Script which I started back in 2013, picked it back up in 2018, further developed with the Brazen Giant Ensemble, and placed as a Quarter Finalist with the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. It is about two people (Mark & Emily) who fall in love only to discover that they are characters in a romantic comedy who aren’t scripted to be together. It’s kind of like “The Matrix” had a meet-cute with a romcom.

As you’re actively seeking investors, producers, and representation, what specific qualities or elements do you believe set your projects apart and make them attractive to potential partners or collaborators in the industry?

SAM : Originality is the big one. There is nothing like the screenplays we have written; I truly believe that. He is filled with humor, heart, character moments, and since we come from an indie film background, I believe each of him can be made relatively cheaply (compared to bigger Hollywood movies).

Your upcoming play, “That’s Show Biz, Baby!” with the Brazen Giant Ensemble is an exciting development. How does this experience differ from your work in filmmaking, and what can audiences expect from this production? Additionally, how has being part of the Ensemble influenced your writing?

SAM : How much time do you have? I could talk for days about the differences between filmmaking and theater-making. It is our first attempt at producing a play, but I will say that the fact that the NY Theatre Festival is taking care of the space is a huge weight off of us. I have been in some plays produced by others where our location was in doubt for months leading up to the show, so I am glad we don’t have to worry about that. WIth filmmaking, locations play such a huge part in everything… Weather plays a massive factor in outdoor shoots… Here, we have our space already and it’s in-doors so we don’t have to worry about either of those. With theater, though, we have to deal with rehearsals, so scheduling the actors becomes more of a factor than scheduling him for a few days for a film. We don’t get second takes in theater, so the rehearsals become a necessity. But then, once the show is done, it’s done. No post-production, no festival entries, or searches for distribution. Everything is immediate. We’ll know immediately whether or not people like it. And then, even if we get the show going somewhere else, this version will be over and will only exist in our (and the audiences’) memories. There is something beautiful about that. (I think I may have rambled on too much…)

Audiences can expect an absolutely HILARIOUS show filled with performances by some of the best actors you may not have seen before.

I am not overselling it. When it goes up, it will be one of the funniest shows in NYC… if not THE FUNNIEST. Isaac wrote the hell out of it. It’s just such a great, fast paced show. I can’t wait for people to experience it.

Being a part of the BGE has had a profound impact on my writing. Being surrounded by such talented people has forced me to up my game in so many ways. Being able to rely on their feedback, and just trying to stay at their level, you have no choice BUT to get better… The amount of output I have has also drastically increased since joining. You WANT to bring new stuff in every session, so even if you don’t have an actual deadline, it gives you a deadline of sorts.

Connect With Sam Platizky

Instagram u>@splatizky, @narrowbridgefilms

Facebook @splatizky, @narrowbridgefilms

Website www.samplatizky.com, www.narrowbridgefilms.com

Stay connected with Sam Platizky and with their extremely interesting life journey where he explains all the parts of his life which makes an audience strong and motivated.

As we Appreciate Sam Platizky, let us all embrace the power of storytelling, forgiveness, and personal empowerment, knowing that the best stories are yet to be written.

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