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Literacy, Leadership, and AI: The Dynamic Trio Shaping the Future of Education

Oct 27, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


“In a world where words are worshipped and tradition is held sacred, we stand at a pivotal moment. I’m Dr.Anashay Wright, a passionate advocate for change, here to challenge the old ways and inspire a new era of education.”

The Worship of the Written Word

The “Worship of the Written Word” in an article written by Tema Okun, where she talks about “worship of the written word” as a sign of white supremacy culture in organizations. This trait shows that written communication is highly valued and given more weight than other ways of communicating, such as speaking or learning through experience. It means that people who write things down are more likely to be noticed, and people think their ideas are more valid and well-thought-out. Worshiping the written word can keep systemic racism going and put people at a disadvantage who use other ways to communicate or share information, as seen here.

The worship of the written word is deeply rooted in our public education system. The idea that the written word is holy is at the heart of our public school system. Our public school system is based on the idea that writing is sacred. The idea is that words, especially those in textbooks and official documents, have the most power. This reverence often leads to outdated practices that emphasize control and compliance over creativity and innovation. A system that is so focused on the past can stop our future leaders from reaching their full potential.

Literacy, Leadership & Innovation: The Trifecta of Change New Dynamic Duo

Literacy – it’s not just about plain ol’ reading and writing. It’s a powerful tool, a weapon even, that can unlock doors and smash through those glass ceilings. When students know how to rock the power of literacy, they open up doors to kick-ass careers, better their communities, and make a broader impact on society.
Innovation is like the lifeblood of progress. But hey, how can we let innovation thrive when we prioritize obedience over originality? To create those schools, jobs, and communities of the future, we need to shift our focus a bit. We gotta empower students to be leaders of their own, armed with skills to navigate and shape the world around ’em.

AI: The Ultimate Disruptor

Enter artificial intelligence (AI). It’s not just fancy gadgets and futuristic tech. It’s a total game-changer, a disruptor that can tear down the walls of the traditional education system. By integrating AI into learning, we create an environment where innovation thrives, and students are empowered to take the lead.

Dr. Anashay Murphy-Wright: Disrupting the Status Quo Through Innovation In Education

Meet Dr. Anashay Murphy-Wright, a bold and passionate force for change in the public education sector. She is an award-winning educator, dedicated mother, and the visionary CEO of Disruptive Partners. Known as “The Olivia Pope of Public Education,” she is disrupting the status quo, challenging systemic inequities, and empowering students to become the CEOs of their lives.

Disruptive Conversations: From The ATL to the Forbes Stage

Born and raised in DeKalb County, Georgia in Metro Atlanta, Anashay is a proud product of the DeKalb County public school system. Her experiences fuel her commitment to creating a more equitable education system for all students, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds. She believes that education is a powerful tool for disrupting the generational wealth gap and sparking meaningful change.

At the helm of Disruptive Partners, Anashay pioneers innovative educational solutions, including My Future Coach—an AI-powered coaching app. This cutting-edge tool embodies her belief in the potential of every student to become a self-empowered leader. It’s a testament to her unwavering faith in disruptive love and her conviction that with the right support, every student can achieve their dreams.

Anashay’s voice resonates far beyond the classroom. As a frequent speaker and writer on education equity, her insights have been featured in The 74Million, The Huffington Post, and NPR. She also lends her expertise to organizations such as the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated, The Walton Family Foundation, New Schools Venture Funds, and the National Parent Union, where she serves as a National Board Member.

Her impact extends to the entrepreneurial world, where she helps small business owners and leaders leverage AI and strategic tech tools. Anashay is also working to create Udemy-style academies, further cementing her role as a trailblazer at the intersection of education, technology, and business.

Raising Future CEOs & Good Disruptors

Inspired by her children daily, she co-created Coach Chance named after her Gen Z son, Chance. Anashay is dedicated to creating tools that help students reach their full potential. Her vision and actions make her a role model for Black mothers everywhere, embodying the possibility of success in both business and motherhood.

The Power of a Black mother’s Vision

🌟 Dr. Murphy-Wright’s son, Chance, is the inspiration behind My Future Coach. She saw the potential in him to be a great leader, and she wanted to create a tool that would help him reach his full potential.

🌟 Dr. Murphy-Wright is committed to disrupting the generational wealth gap. She believes that education is the key to closing the gap, and she is working to create an education system that is equitable for all students.

🌟 Dr. Murphy-Wright is a role model for Black mothers everywhere. She shows that it is possible to be a successful businesswoman and a loving mother at the same time.

Interview with Dr. Anashay Murphy-Wright

Can you share with us a memorable experience from your journey as a speaker and how it relates to the themes of literary inspiration and empowerment, especially in the context of Chosen Pen’s mission?

Dr. Anashay: My mother taught me early on to have a deep respect for the power of the written word. She taught me how to use writing as a powerful weapon against systemic inequalities. I have a deep understanding that literacy and literary inspiration can be more than just ways to express yourself. They can also inform, inspire, and start real change. Chosen Pen’s mission, which promotes equality and empowerment through literature, fits in perfectly with my mission, vision, and beliefs. In a world where literature has been used both as a source of hope and as a way to control people, Chosen Pen is firm in its belief that stories have the power to change lives. These narratives have the potential to challenge and disrupt deficit narratives, particularly concerning the public education K-12 system. Instead of focusing on problems, we use literacy to rewrite these stories in a way that gives people hope and makes them feel powerful.

Chosen Pen Publishing believes in the power of storytelling. How do you see storytelling as a catalyst for personal growth and forgiveness, and can you provide an example from your own life or work that illustrates this?

Dr. Anashay: Storytelling, at its core, gives us the power to challenge and reshape narratives. My experiences within the public education system highlight a narrative that often focuses on what’s wrong with students, families, and communities, especially black children. But literacy offers a powerful counter-narrative, spotlighting empowerment and inspiration and fostering personal growth and forgiveness.

As the speaker for Chosen Pen’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, what unique insights or perspectives did you bring to the event to inspire both authors and readers in attendance, especially in the context of your association with Forbes Business Council?

Dr. Anashay: My panel discussion was centered around literacy, student leadership, and the transformative power of AI-powered tools in reshaping education and society. I shared personal anecdotes that highlighted my journey as a black mother and educator, and how AI enabled marginalized students, previously dismissed by society, to harness their brilliance. Reflecting on my own struggle with ADHD and later recognizing it as my superpower, I emphasized the untapped potential within our students. In situations where traditional educational methods fall short, technology can step in, allowing these students to narrate their stories, which are then transcribed and organized, enabling them to refine and share their experiences. It was an honor for Chosen Pen to provide a platform to shed light on these truths.

How do you think Chosen Pen Publishing has contributed to shaping the landscape of professional publishing and why do you believe it is considered a writer’s preferred choice? Can you highlight any specific success stories or partnerships that exemplify this?

Dr. Anashay: Chosen Pen Publishing, in my eyes, has been a guiding light in the professional publishing world, seamlessly bridging the traditional with the contemporary. It’s more than a publishing house; it’s a platform that recognizes and amplifies raw, unfiltered voices that often get overlooked. As a black mother deeply connected to today’s youth, I see how crucial it is for stories to resonate, to truly mirror the lived experiences of our communities. Chosen Pen does just that. They’ve championed narratives that aren’t just words on paper but real-life tales of resilience, hustle, and passion. I think of countless writers who, with the backing of Chosen Pen, have found their authentic voice and reached audiences they never imagined. It’s no surprise to me that writers gravitate to them. They are not just about publishing; they’re about community, empowerment, and most importantly, authenticity. That’s the kind of partnership and success that speaks volumes.

Given the diverse range of topics covered by all the speakers, from personal empowerment to literacy and forgiveness, how do you feel the event succeeded in achieving its goal of inspiring storytelling and forgiveness, and what impact do you anticipate it will have in the long term?

Dr. Anashay: The vast array of topics showcased at the Chosen Pen event painted a vivid tapestry of the multifaceted dimensions of writers and truth-tellers. I left feeling invigorated and connected, with a renewed desire to share my narrative. Witnessing the plethora of bold, brilliant black women sharing their truths was awe-inspiring. I am deeply grateful to Chosen Pen for offering such a platform, and I anticipate its ripple effect will continue to inspire and empower many more to share their stories with the world.

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