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Kash Hovey And Friends Film Block Celebrate Fifth Anniversary At Film Fest LA Live 2023.

Dec 29, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


Awards: 17 wins & 1 nomination

Kash’s ascent to prominence was marked by a standout role as the lead in the feature film ‘Jack and Cocaine,’ a project he not only starred in but also produced, earning accolades and premiering at ‘The Valley Film Festival.’ In 2021, Kash diversified his creative portfolio by launching On Air with Kash‘,’ his own captivating talk show on YouTube.

Kira Reed Lorsch, Lisa Malcolm, Jax Malcolm, Kash Hovey, Michelle Beaulieu

This platform became a stage where Kash engaged in enlightening conversations with renowned personalities such as Paula Abdul, Whitney Cummings, Terry Crews, Eric Nelsen, Cary Elwes, and a host of other notable figures, showcasing the breadth of his talent and the depth of his industry connections.”

Kash Hovey: Award-Winning Actor, Producer, and Talk Show Host

Kash Hovey is an award-winning actor, producer, and podcast host. In 2021, Kash launched his own talk show On Air with Ka$h (2021) on YouTube. Kash has interviewed celebrities including Tim Burton, Beverly D’Angelo, Whitney Cummings, Cary Elwes, Paula Abdul, Terry Crews, Brian Austin Green, Danny Trejo, Daniel Gillies, Kristoffer Polaha, Eric Nelsen, Samantha Bailey, Cassandra Scerbo, Symonne Harrison, and Olivia d’Abo.

Kash Hovey at Film Fest LA Live 2023

Kash’s breakthrough performance was as the lead in the feature film Jack and Cocaine (2014), which he produced as well and which had its theatrical premiere at The Valley Film Festival. He next took on the lead role as Van in the comedy As in Kevin (2016). Kash received an award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy for As in Kevin, which premiered at LA Live Film Fest 2017 and is now available on Amazon Prime. And in 2019 he received an LA Live Film Best Actor award for his performance in Mayhem of the Mind (2019). Kash can also be seen in Another Blackout (2016), Rebound (2005), Powerhorse (2012), John Fogerty: Mystic Highway (2013), Unusual Suspects (2010), and Edge of Incursion (2014).

The Hit_Poster – Film Fest LA Live 2023

In 2018 Kash produced and starred in Plastic Daydream (2018), in which he shared the screen with Shari Belafonte. Plastic Daydream (2018) was an official selection at LA Femme International Film Festival and went on to win four awards at Film Fest LA Live including Best Short Film, Best Actress, Best Writer, and Best Director. The following year, Kash appeared as Adam in the feature film Undateable John (2019) playing opposite Shannen Doherty and Estella Warren. In 2020 Kash appeared in the feature film Hollywood.Con (2021) directed by childhood friend Mika Boorem.

In 2022 Kash began filming The Listening with Jax Malcolm, Samantha Bailey, Kira Reed Lorsch, Gloria Garayua, and Lance Alexander which won Best Trailer at Film Fest LA at LA Live 2022.

Kash Hovey and Isabella Blake-Thomas – Film Fest LA Live 2023

On November 19th 2022 Kash hosted “Kash Hovey and Friends” at Film Fest LA at LA Live with featured filmmakers & celebrities including Tommy Chong, Kira Reed Lorsch, Alexander James Rodriguez, Katja Glieson, and HeadKrack. On Air with Ka$h (2021) won for Best Variety Talk Series, Podcast or Entertainer for “On Air with Ka$h.”

In 2023 it was announced that Kash landed the role of Derek in the feature film A Unified Theory of Love directed by Valerie Brandy. Filming began in the Spring of 2023 and is slated for a 2024 release date.

Kash is also a Celebrity Ambassador for Heart Safe Neighborhood Foundation, Inc.

Estel Day and Kash Hovey Adil C and Kash Hovey – Film Fest LA Live 2023

Who’s Behind the Spotlight on ‘On Air with Kash?

Kash Hovey, a renowned Hollywood actor and producer, has won numerous awards for his performances in films like ‘Jack and Cocaine’ and As in Kevin‘.’ His artistic brilliance is evident in his work on ‘Plastic Daydream (2018)‘ and his talk show, ‘On Air with Ka$h.’ Hovey’s versatility is evident in his portrayal of Jim in ‘The Hit,’ a cinematic masterpiece. His versatility and exceptional acting skills have made him a prominent figure in the industry, proving his versatility and influence in the industry.

“Kash is also a Celebrity Ambassador for Heart Safe Neighborhood Foundation, Inc.”

Interview with Award-Winning Kash Hovey of ‘On Air with Kash

Congratulations on the 5th anniversary of “Kash Hovey and Friends” at Film Fest LA! Can you share some highlights from this milestone event and what makes it unique in the realm of film festivals?

Chrsitine Lakin, Kash Hovey, Valerie Brandy Adil C and Kash Hovey – Film Fest

Kash – Thank you so much. It’s been a real honor to host “Kash Hovey and Friends at Film Fest LA at LA Live,” for a fifth year. The team at Film Fest LA Live has been so supportive to myself and so many other innovative and up and coming artists in the industry. Every year gets better. I’m always blown away by the films and artists that are featured at the festival. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate each other’s work and to connect with new colleagues in the industry.

Your show, “On Air with Kash,” received the Best Variety Talk Show award. What do you believe sets your talk show apart, and how do you approach creating engaging and diverse content for your audience?

Kash – My team and I select people to be on the show that I feel a connection with. Whether they were in a film that inspired me or a colleague/friend I’ve worked with, I like to take our audience on a journey through our experiences. At the beginning of the year, I went through some unexpected losses that allowed me to have some closure with the past. I feel like when I opened up, people were very supportive and reached out about similar losses they had been through. The show has been a form of therapy for me as I get inspired and motivated by our guests and our conversations while keeping it fun and entertaining.

“The Hit” seems to have been a major success at Film Fest LA 2023, winning six awards, including Best Actor for Kash Hovey. Could you tell us more about the inspiration behind this project and the collaborative efforts that contributed to its success?

Adil C and Kash Hovey – Film Fest LA Live 2023

Kash – One of my co-stars Christa Collins who won Best Supporting Actress, and I have collaborated multiple times over the past decade. We wrapped a pilot together earlier this year before the strike. We had such a rush after we wrapped that we wanted to film another project immediately. She introduced me to Jonathan Louis Lewis who wrote the script as well as Mario Zermeno, one of our producers who ended up playing a crucial role in the film. Wyni Landry who played Sarah in the film and won Best Actress was our first choice for the role. We all met, a week later we were on set, the next week we had a completed film.

Jonathan Louis Lewis won Best Director for “The Hit.” Can you elaborate on the directorial vision behind the film and how the collaboration with the cast and crew played a role in achieving the film’s recognition?

Kash Hovey and Wyni Landry – Best Actor and Actress Awards for _The Hit_

Kash – Jonathan wrote the script. I had seen a film he and Christa had worked on together previously called “Tenants” which premiered at Film Fest LA at LA Live also. I trusted the vision he had for the film and was on board.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “The Hit” for the multiple awards, including Best Mystery/Thriller Short Film. How did the team approach the challenges of creating a compelling mystery/thriller, and were there any unexpected moments during the production that added to the film’s overall impact?

Kash – Obstacles always come up when you are creating a film. There were a couple locations we wanted that fell through but we were able to find better places as a result. The role of ‘The Professor’ was cast by another actor who had a last minute scheduling conflict so Mario ended up stepping in and winning an award for his performance. It was a team effort and we all worked together to make this vision a reality.

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