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Blake Zawadzki: A Renaissance Artist Making Waves in Film and Animation

Jan 22, 2024 | Interviews | 0 comments


Blake Zawadzki is a multidimensional talent in the entertainment and animation industries, having worked as a voice actor, award-winning director, and talented writer. Blake, an award-winning graduate from Kean University with a degree in Media & Film, has made substantial contributions to the business and has been recognized for his remarkable work.

Film Triumphs And Directorial Debut

Blake’s directorial debut received critical acclaim when his feature film won the ‘Best Action Feature’ award at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in Manhattan. This triumph was only the beginning; his films have been shown at major events such as the Big Apple Film Festival, Boston Comic Con, Fort Hamilton Army Base, Chiller Theatre Expo, and the Golden Door International Film Festival.

Educator And Speaker

Blake has excelled in filmmaking and shared his knowledge at events, such as being a welcomed speaker at the Fort Hamilton Army Base Comic con event in Brooklyn, New York.

Return To Animation

After a multi-year hiatus, Blake returned triumphantly to the entertainment and animation industry, leaving an indelible mark with his writings and the upcoming animated series, ‘Felandra: Heroine of Darkness.’ The series, currently in development, explores themes of family, sisterhood, technology, and magic in a cyberpunk future.

Accolades And Awards

Blake’s recent ventures have been showered with accolades and awards, including being a Semi-Finalist at the 2022 Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards and the 2022 Vail Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition. His screenplay for ‘Felandra’ earned him a nomination in the “Best Screenplay – Sci-Fi/Supernatural Category” at the 2022 Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival. Blake won the “Best Television Pilot Script” at the 2022 Burbank International Film Festival and the “FILMFEST Screenwriting Award” at the 2022 Los Angeles Animation Festival.

Future Endeavors and ‘Felandra: Heroine of Darkness’

Currently collaborating with talented artists Eli Ramos and Keith Williams, Blake is gearing up for the release of the ‘Felandra: Heroine of Darkness comic Issue #1 in late 2024. The series promises a unique blend of 1990s animation aesthetics and various mythologies, exploring a futuristic world with themes that resonate universally.

Acknowledgments and Shoutouts

Blake extends his gratitude to the Grove Film Festival, where his short film Necrosis Incorporated: Requiem‘ is set to screen in Teaneck, NJ, on December 20, 2023. He also looks forward to attending the Annie Awards in February 2024.
Blake Zawadzki’s journey is a testament to the power of creativity and dedication, and his upcoming projects are sure to captivate audiences, showcasing his versatility and vision in the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and animation.

Interview Questions for Blake Zawadzki

Q. Congratulations on the success of your feature film! Can you tell us about your directorial debut and the inspiration behind it?

Blake: Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it. ….I have always enjoyed strong and compelling female and male characters, but they also have their faults and challenges. I had strong men and women growing up, including my father, mother, and grandparents.

Q. How do you approach the blend of 1990s animation aesthetics and various mythologies in your upcoming series?

Blake: I watched many 1990s and 1980s animated series and animation from the Golden Age (1930s-1960s). Many 1990s animated shows pay homage to the Golden Age. As a result, I wanted to honor the 1990s animation aesthetic with my unique spin. You will see various influences in the comic and series. Also, some films have been very inspirational to me.

Q. What motivated your return to the entertainment and animation industry after a multi-year hiatus?

Blake: I had to step away for about four years. Many factors motivated me to return, but I missed it. I am grateful to various friends, family, and acquaintances who have helped boost me and found my way back. Fortunately, I felt the time was right, and things improved. Plus, various people in the film industry, animation industry, comic industry, and conventions have welcomed and supported me. I am very fortunate and appreciative.

Q. As a filmmaker and writer, how do you balance storytelling with visual aesthetics in your projects?

Blake: I’ve always been a visual storyteller. You are painting a picture. It goes back to the saying, “Show, don’t tell.” Make it eye-catching. Another important detail, in my opinion, is that the characters must have a “heart” and multiple layers. Your audience must be able to relate with a sense of various emotions and be invested in the journey of the story you are telling. Also, the story should be “fun” in certain moments. People want to be entertained. You want to leave an impression with each project and story. The audience should look forward to visiting the world that has been built.

Q. With numerous accolades, which award or recognition is unique in your heart, and why?

Blake: I am very appreciative of all the numerous accolades and continued support from my family, friends, colleagues, fellow professionals, and fans. It means the world to me, and it is tough to single out just one. Without continued support and fans, you have nothing. I am very blessed. Thank you to everyone.

Q. Can you provide insights into the collaboration process with artists Eli Ramos and Keith Williams for ‘Felandra’?

Blake: It is an honor and a privilege to be working with the very talented artists Eli Ramos and Keith Williams. They are good friends. I appreciate their enthusiasm and shared passion for these characters and the universe. There is plenty of material that I have developed that can be pulled from and built upon. Comic Issue 1 is an introduction to this world. Eli, Keith, and I have ongoing communication. I send storyboards and notes. We bounce ideas off one another, make adjustments, and look forward to bringing this world to life on the page. I hope the fans enjoy the story and that we can continue to tell this story in the comics and beyond.

Q. What challenges did you face in your directorial debut, and how did it shape your subsequent projects?

Blake: You have to be resourceful and be able to wear many hats. Many experiences, both good and bad, have helped shape me into the person I am today. I have had the privilege of meeting and working with many talented people.

Q. What exciting avenues and projects do you have in mind?

Blake: I am exploring opportunities to expand the ‘Felandra: Heroine of Darkness’ IP and brand. The targeted audience is teens to young adults, men, and women. The secondary audience is ages 30s and 40s. Also, I appreciate the growing female audience of all ages who have resonated with these characters and stories. I also have other projects in development. Follow my Instagram and website for future updates, convention appearances, and other announcements.


Instagram @blakezawadzki
Facebook Blake Joseph Zawadzki
Website blakezawadzki.com
IMDB Blake Zawadzki

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