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DMV’S 35 UNDER 35 has everyone Talking

Dec 27, 2023 | News | 0 comments


In a heartwarming tradition, three influential forces—The Washington Informer Bridge, The Media Prince, and Just 1 PR—converged once again to spotlight the brightest stars illuminating the cultural tapestry of the DMV. Their collaborative efforts brought forth a dazzling celebration on December 11th, 2023, honoring the trailblazers of the DMV’s Culture and Entertainment world.

The event, led by an award-winning journalist, a top-tier publicist, and a Chief Editor, aimed to applaud those driving the DMV growth and cultural prominence.

The event showcased the power of unity in recognizing those shaping the narrative.

People’s Choice and Public Involvement

In an unusual twist, the public could actively contribute to creating the coveted “DMV 35 Under 35” list through the “People’s Choice” category. According to The Media Prince, an Entertainment Journalist, “People’s Choice is our way of allowing the public to partner in curating this list.” It was a gesture to guarantee that community views were heard while realizing that perspectives may differ, and this inclusive approach attempted to reflect the diversity of talent in the DMV.

The Stellar Lineup

The unveiled list boasts an array of luminaries, each contributing their unique brilliance to the cultural mosaic of the DMV. From the dynamic Jeannette Reyes, an Award-Winning Journalist and influencer, to the influential Nyla Symone, a Renowned DJ and Host of The Breakfast Club & Amazon Music. The list continues with talents such as Noochie, Alex Vaughn, Myles Frost, Breonte Hackley (CEO of The DMV Daily & Hustle Firm), Well Connected Cav, Raro Lae, Pedro Night, Miniskirt Myrt, Alex Joines, Jada Imani, Tamara Jade, Amber Rayne, Austin Thach, Jake Vicious, Sade Sweetney, Pre Hefner, Mahammad Mangum, Ling, Deandre Green, Danuelle Doswell, Darius Baxter, Kenny G, Invisible Tats, Bobbi Michelle, Mckenton, Chris Scholar, Hugo Squirrel, Karla Styles, Alannah Wilhite, Young Toon, Greeezay, Chardelle Moore, Markel Gale, and the People’s Choices: P Did That, &Amo, & Nai Turner.

The Cheers And Congratulations

The spotlight is on these great individuals who have made an unmistakable stamp on the DMV cultural canvas, and there is a resounding chorus of applause. This yearly festival honors their accomplishments and serves as a monument to the vibrant spirit of the DMV’s culture and entertainment scene. Cheers and acclaim fill the air as the awardees of 2023 are announced, leaving everyone excitedly wondering who will join this constellation of stars in the coming year.


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    Written by Sandra Nnaji

    Award winning Entertainment & Lifestyle Publicist and Founder of Just1PR, LLC.

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